Yacht models

Sun Odyssey 34.2

The 34.2 is a classic from the Sun Odyssey line. Designed to be very comfortable, its kitchen and sa

Sun Odyssey 32.2

The Sun Odyssey 32.2 is a classic from the French Jeanneau shipyard. Designed for performance and co

Sun Odyssey 29.2

The Sun Odyssey 29.2 is perfect for a weekend getaway, or even for spending a full week enjoying its

Oceanis 46

If you think about it, spending time with your family or friends a wonderful holiday on the sea soun

Oceanis 45

The Oceanis 45 was designed for performance and comfort. The modern design, with a clean and flat de

Oceanis 41

The Oceanis 41 is Oceanis 48’s little brother, but it has little cause to envy him. A modern design,

Oceanis 34

The Oceanis 34 is a modern sailing boat with elegant lines. It is a perfect boat to rent and enjoy w

Oceanis 343 Clipper

The Oceanis 343 is an ideal sailing boat to hire with your friends or as a couple. Like any other bo

Oceanis 31

The Oceanis 31 is an elegant sailing boat with clean lines. Its design takes advantage of all the kn

First 35

The First 35 is a boat of about 10 meters, which belongs to the Bénéteau range. Designed for fam

Oceanis 411 Clipper

Oceanis 411 Clipper is a fast and elegant cruiser, which presents the experience and the innovation

Cyclades 39

The Cyclades 39 is a great boat, almost 12 metres longs it offers a lot of space on the deck, partly

Oceanis 331 Clipper

The Oceanis 331 is a sailing boat that surprises with its interior volume. Like the rest of the Ocea

Cyclades 50.4

Due to its size, the Cyclades 50.4 is ideal for large crews. The long deck offers plenty of space fo

Hanse 430

The Hanse 430e is a superb yacht with elegant lines and well-designed interior and deck. It is comfo

Sun odyssey 409

The success of the previous ranges of the Sun Odyssey improves the 409 model. It counts with a g

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Why choose aBoatTime?

Divide the cost of the yacht by the number of passengers, and you'll find in most cases, that it's cheaper than an equivalent week long stay in a hotel.
Drop anchor in a quiet cove, and enjoy wonderful evenings and the tranquility of the cove, allowing you to avoid the typical holiday crowds.
Organise your trip at your own pace, to suit you and your family and friends.
If you don't have a sailing license, don't worry. We'll find you a suitable skipper.

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