Yacht models

Grand soleil 45

This cruiser-racer sailboat belongs to Cantieri del Pardo. The Grand Soleis 45 has a teak deck w

Bavaria 40 Cruiser New

The new Bavaria Cruiser 40 is the fourth model in the series "Cruiser" delivered by Farr Yacht Desig

Ocean Star 51.1

This kind of boat has been built for a perfect sailing under all weather conditions. It has a la

First 47.7

The First 47.7 is the most modern yacht in its range. Its maneuver is forwarded and allows the crew

Oceanis 48

The Oceanis 48 will impress you before you even sail out of the marina. Its modern design, with a cl

Sun Odyssey 49

A powerful and seaworthy design makes the Sun Odyssey a very fun yacht to sail. Once you arrive at y

First 40.7

The First 40.7 is a fantastic sailboat for sailing the Mediterranean sea. It belongs to the Bénéteau

First 31.7

The First 31.7 is a really fun boat to sail. It’s simple, fast and sensitive, up to some coastal cru

Bavaria 45 Cruiser

The Bavaria 45 Cruiser is an ideal charter yacht that first saw light in January 2010. Its design is

Tucana 28

The Tucana 28 is a small sailing boat designed for sailors who want to enjoy its great sailing perfo

Delphia 33

The Delphia 33 was released in 2009. Both the interior and exterior seem to belong to a larger boat.

Oceanis 54

The Oceanis 54 will seduce you at first sight. Its modern design, with a clean and flat deck designe

Oceanis 58

The Oceanis 58 will impress you before you even leave the marina. Its modern design, with a clean an

Harmony 42

The Harmony 42 is a sailing boat characterized by its elegance and its comfort. With 12 meters in

Harmony 47

The Harmony 47 is a sailing boat characterized by its elegance and its comfort. Its almost 15 meter

Oceanis 52 clipper

The Oceanis 523 from the firm Beneteau will provide you with unparalleled comfort and sailing perfor

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