Yacht models

Hanse 540

The Hanse 540 was until recently the standard bearer of the German Hanse Yachts shipyard. It is a ve

Sun Odyssey 51

The Sun Odyssey 51 is a very comfortable model with good performance under sail. The spacious area i

Hanse 415

The Hanse 411 was designed by Judel/Vrolijk, a name meaning quality in the sailing world. It has sle

Gib Sea 37

The Gib Sea 37, manufactured by the French shipyard Dufour, is a boat designed for cruising. Like al

Bavaria 35 Cruiser

The Bavaria 35 cruiser is an ideal boat for charter. The pantry is completely equipped and the he

Bavaria 47 Cruiser

The Bavaria 47 Cruiser is one of the highest boat range, built mainly for racing. It measures 14 met

Bavaria 55 Cruiser

The Bavaria 55 Cruiser is the flagship of the German shipyard and was the result of their collaborat

Sun Odyssey 349

The Sun Odyssey 349 is a 33 foot long sailboat and flagship model from French shipmaker Jeanneau. He

Elan 384 Impression

The Elan 384 is an excellent boat that seems to be bigger than it is. Like its older brothers, the 3

Harmony 34

The Harmony 34 is an ideal yacht for small crews looking for a manageable and convenient boat with a

Dufour 385 Grand Large

The Dufour 385 Grand Large, like every model in this series made by the prestigious shipyard Dufour,

Beneteau 50

This model, designed by Bruce Farr, combines like no other yacht comfort with features. It is a very

Sun Odyssey 379

The Sun Odyssey 379 represents the perfect balance of ingredients that have made the Sun Odyssey ran

Bavaria 51 Cruiser

The Bavaria 51 Cruiser sailing yacht is yet another great model by the German shipyard. Spacious, co

Bavaria 43 Cruiser

The Bavaria 43 Cruiser is a sailing yacht that will not let you down. It has a wide, comfortable coc

Bavaria 40 Vision

The Bavaria 40 Vision is a special sailing yacht. Like the rest of the Vision series, the accent is

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Divide the cost of the yacht by the number of passengers, and you'll find in most cases, that it's cheaper than an equivalent week long stay in a hotel.
Drop anchor in a quiet cove, and enjoy wonderful evenings and the tranquility of the cove, allowing you to avoid the typical holiday crowds.
Organise your trip at your own pace, to suit you and your family and friends.
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