Yacht models

Bayliner 2050 Capri

Rent the Bayliner 250 Capri and enjoy your tip on this smaller motorboat that will still provide you with an excellent holiday. The 2050 Capri is perfect for navigating long distances in a short time, due to its exciting high speeds. This Bayliner model combines innovation and design to provide you with the best possible experience whilst on board. Moreover, this model has been constructed with the best quality materials which provide high levels of comfort as well as safe and secure sailing and performance.

Belize 43

The Belize 43 catamaran is an ideal choice when looking for a catamaran to hire with friends or family. Its cabin is spacious and very well laid out, with magnificent, panoramic views and a full kitchen. Outside, its generous cockpit and bow sundeck makes the Belize 43 a very good choice.

Beneteau 50

This model, designed by Bruce Farr, combines like no other yacht comfort with features. It is a very competitive boat. Inside you can find five spacious cabins, and a lighting according to the kind of boat it is. Its deck makes us feel loke at home.

Beneteau 57

The Beneteau 57 is a luxury sailboat. It includes 4 cabins, each with own bathroom, and a living room surprises with its great size. The yacht accommodates four halons with fresh water. All yacht comforts allow you and your family with friends travel not less than week.

Beneteau Flyer 550 Sun Deck

The Flyer 550 Sun Deck is a perfect motorboat for fishing, diving, or spending a leisurely day or for a picnic. With the Beneteau signature of quality, it provides new confort. It has a nice deck and a comfortable seating, creating a great space to enjoy the sun.

Beneteau Flyer 650 Sun Deck

The Beneteau Flyer 650 Sun Deck is the perfect boat to do water sports, fishing or just navigating wail you enjoy the sun.

Beneteau Flyer 7.7 Spacedeck

The Beneteau Flyer 7.7 Spacedeck is very distinguishable due to the exceptional and pragmatic design and layout of the motorboat. This model was designed to carry up to 10 passengers for a day trip out on the open seas. The Flyer 7.7 gives you a unique driving perspective whilst also being very safe and stable during navigation. This boat is characterized by its dynamism and agility with its "Air Step" hull which was produced using the latest technology.

Beneteau Sense 55

<p>There is a lot of people that thought they were daydreaming when they saw the <strong>Beneteau Sense 55</strong> for the first time. With an innovative design, both exterior and interior, designed by Berret Rocaupeau and Nauta Design, the Beneteau Sense 55 is a strong and safe boat whilst also maintaining a luxurious level of comfort.</p> <p>This boat is very safe and stable and other boats find it difficult to manage to match the same levels that the Sense 55 does. The specifications of this boat also add to its favourable maneuverability and ergonomic control due to its balanced dimensions (17.2 meters long, 4.97 wide and 1.90 draft). </p> <p>Virtually all the large deck spaces are usable. The reduced height of the hull and the absence of traditional aft cabins, benefits the boat as it allows the deck to be larger. The aft deck also has comfortable seats around a large table and plenty of room for stowage. Also the two steering wheels have folding seats, further increasing the space the aft deck has. This magnificent space is fantastic for relaxing and sunbathing, however, the area can be covered with a bimini if the baking sun becomes too hot and you need some protection.</p> <p>The Sense 55’s interior is gorgeous and is reminiscent of the interior of a superyacht. The abundance of light coming through hatches and windows illuminates the heart of the sailboat: the living room. With a modern wood finish, every corner of the gallery deserves a mention. First, to port, a comfortable U-shaped sofa stands around a folding table with curved corners. On one side of the sofa, in the opposite direction, a card table with lamp included is a perfect little corner to study or do some work. Moreover, the entire starboard side of the living area is occupied by the kitchen. Stylish and fully equipped (fire burners, fridge, double sink freezer, oven and numerous drawers and stowage places), its ergonomic character opens a wide space for countertop, rare in this type of boat. Similar to the living area, two cabins are located either side of the main hallway in the Sense 55, both with plenty of room and double beds, natural and artificial light and a private bathroom. Down the hall, the bow is dedicated to the spacious master bedroom, furnished with a double bed, a study area, closets and a private bathroom with a shower incorporated.</p> <p>All this culminates with the Sense 55 being a fantastic boat to charter for your next holiday. The spacious deck and luxurious interior will leave you wanting for nothing whilst you sail across the sea and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.</p>

Bluestar Holiday 720

Bluestar Holiday 720 is a perfect choice for fishing, diving, water sports or spending the relax journey in the open sea.


This BSC is one of the best boats in the market for boats that can accommodate up to 12 people on board. Controlling and sailing the BSC is extremely simple, making it even safer to sail this boat, allowing you to relax more during your holiday. The BSC boasts a sporty and dynamic design, and also a significant amount of space on board, the BSC is 3 metres wide. The two deck areas gives you great access to the sea, the bow, the ample bimini and the high quality of the finishes make the BSC 62 Sport a very special boat to enjoy the sun, beaches and sailing on your holiday.


<p>This inflatable boat is the best way to see the best coves of the ocean. BSC has the best qualities in the market with capacity to accommodate 12 authorised passengers. Its steering is very simple and offers great security when navigating it. Its hull has received praise from specialists. Enjoy a classic line of great width, almost 3.2 meters wide. The two spacious seating areas in front of and behind of the driver’s control panel contains convertible seats in extensive solariums. The two platforms at the stern give access to the sea, the seating at the front, the modularity, the spacious bimini and the high quality finishes make this inflatable a special boat to enjoy the sun, the beaches and the sailing.</p>

Canados 27

The luxury yacht, the Canados 27, is a large, modern and fantastic boat that will supply you with an amazing holiday that you will never forget. You, your friends and family will experience an unforgettable journey out in the ocean, filled with swimming, diving and the exploration of beaches, islands and some interesting port towns. The Canados 27 motor boat is 27 metres long, meaning that there is plenty of room for the modern and spacious cabins, plus you’ll find space to sit back, relax and sunbathe all over the boat on the large decks. This motor boat can accommodate up to eight guests and three crew members, its cruising speed is 15 knots.

Canados 58

The Canados 58 is a fantastic and luxurious motor boat that you should rent and enjoy some amazing experiences with your friends, family and other loved ones. This model was built in 1998 by the Canados company, who really build some very impressive boats, the Canados 58 really is no exception. The Canados 58 is very well equipped and offers high quality services and performance for you during your voyage.

Cap Camarat 5.1 CC

The Cap Camarat 5.1. CC is a very versatile motorboat, ideal for day charters. It has space for two people, which can be extended, thanks to its adaptable cockpit, padded to ensure the comfort of all its crew. Doubtlessly, a perfect choice for water sports practice and to enjoy the sea, with a partner or with friends.

Cap Camarat 5.5 CC

There are some adults who had to admit of feeling like children after riding in the Jeanneau Cap Camarat 5.5 CC. And of cause they had a lot of reasons to feel that way since the great philosophy that inspired the design of this ship is unique and special. That's why the Cap Camarat is like the toy you always wanted as a child, but also fulfills all the dreams you have as an adult: the desire of speed, freedom and luxury. That is why this boat the perfect for your holiday adventure and booking this boat with us will make you as happy as you used to be in the best days of your childhood. With the strong and powerful engine (100 hp), designed for sport coastal navigation, this small motorboat from the well-known French shipyard Jeanneau is distinguished from its peers for its innovative design, characterized by its ergonomically and functional equipment. Although the two individual armchairs (with folding seat to increase the comfort of the sitting navigation or standing) of the cockpit invite for a romantic cruise for a couple, the size and design of the deck of the fantastic Cap Camarat 5.5 CC allows an exclusive sailing adventure for a greater number of people (up to eight), which may be spread comfortably between cushioned stern benches (just behind the chairs of the cab) and seats that run along the curve of the bow, hovering around a hexagonal table and cup holders in the center. We should mention that the bow area where the motor is located can not only be used as an area to sit on and relax, but can also transform, thanks to its ergonomic pieces in a comfortable and spacious sundeck, where three people can fit lying smoothly enjoying the sun. The culmination of this worked design, include the extensive stowage space enabled at the foot of the cockpit which is large enough for eventual deposit of food, personal or useful tools of fishing. Regarding the handling of the Cap Camarat 5.5 CC it highlights the slightly elevated privileged position of the cockpit than the rest of the boat, thus providing greater visibility and simplicity of design of the console with a clear sight of large the Cap Camarat.

Cap Camarat 7.5

The Cap Camarat 7.5 is a small motorboat perfect for enjoying a sailing day or sunbathing on its deck. The design is sophisticated, modern and offers an indoor space with bunk beds, bathroom and a nice stay.

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