Yacht models

Capelli 626

This practical boat which has a capacity for up to 12 people during the day is an excellent way to spend some time out at sea with family or friends in comfort and safety. Its ergonomic and optimized space is distributed well, allowing for great sailing whilst also being ideal for passengers who want to sit back and enjoy a trip filled with relaxation as they sunbathe comfortably.

Capelli Tempest

This is an excellent motorboat that has a capacity for 9 people that is perfect for spending a day on board thanks to the comfort and practicality it provides. The Capelli Tempest is an agile boat that is also stable and safe. Furthermore, the space in the boat is optimized by its layout and design which allows the passengers to enjoy the sailing experience and also their time relaxing on the deck.

Catana 50 Ocean Class

This catamaran is an ideal choice for charter. The deck is very large and spacious area in the bow perfectly suited for relaxation and sunbathing. Safety net in the bow also may well serve as a place for recreation. The comfortable interior will make your stay memorable. Catamaran is very manoeuvrable and easy in operation which serves a good advantage during choosing of the yacht.

Cherokee 45

This incredible engine will allow you to enjoy the speed of the boat, combined with some family excursions both on the beach and in the lake. Thanks to its capacity to accommodate up to 10 individuals, this boat will turn out to be very helpful throughout the day, allowing you to perform group water activities, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy to the maximum your free time.

Classic Cruising Sloop

The Classic Cruising Sloop is a fantastic sailboat that is approximately 27.43 metres long and will give you the chance to fall in love with sailing on an amazing trip that will let you forget about all your worries and spend some quality time with your loved ones. This sailboat was built in 1983, however in 2015 was completely reconstructed and upgraded to a very high level of quality. The interior demonstrates its originality and elegance and boasts spacious areas to enjoy and relax in. Moreover, the wide portholes and windows light up the interiors and the cabins are lighted very well with natural light.

Continental 50

The perfect charter boat, the Continental 50, is a great option for your sailing holiday. Thanks to the spacious deck, passengers on board can enjoy the sun and the Ibizan Sea at the same time. It has a gorgeous Italian design and two hydraulic doors on the sides, thus offering even more space on deck when the boat is anchored. There is a modern parasol that can shield passengers from the sun and also some additional features like the Powerful Alpine Sound System, Sea Bob and bath towels. The two cabins, one double and one single, are very comfortable and the aft tables can be converted into a comfortable solarium.

Cranchi 26

This speedy motorboat with its impressive engine was built for speed. It combines sportiness and elegance perfectly, they are the Cranchi 26’s best and greatest attributes. This boat is fantastic for a day out or short trip with a smaller group of people and has a significant range for a boat of its size, it doesn’t have any direct rivals. The Cranchi 26 is able to seduce anyone on their sailing trip, don’t miss out on a great holiday with aBoatTime!

Cranchi 41 Endurance

<p><strong>Cranchi 41</strong> is simply extraordinary in all areas. Performance, convenience, design and usability, which combine together in order to create this sports cruise, which was constructed for adventure journeys in the Mediterranean. The living room on the deck is equipped with leather. The cabin is very spacious and it is very well position in order to allow the best view of the surrounding sea. Under the deck, there is a very spacious cabin with two bunk beds, which is perfect for relaxation after a long day. There is also a fully functional kitchen that has excellent storage facilities. Powered by two Volvo Penta engines, Cranchi 41 is capable of sailing at a speed of 33 knots, grabbing the attention wherever it sails.</p>

Cranchi Zaffiro 34

The Cranchi Zaffiro 34 is a classic Italian thoroughbred yacht from the renowned shipyard Cranchi. Zaffito in italian means Sapphire, and it really does honour to its name, since it is truly a jewel in the crown of the shipyard. In its design, consideration has been paid even to the smallest detail, creating a stylish and practical motoryacht. These features, together with its excellent seaworthiness make it a perfect choice for nautical charter. It has two double cabins, which can comfortably shelter a family or a group of friends. It has an ample owner's cabin and another double cabin with twin beds that can be converted into a double bed. Its interior is bathed in natural light and it is perfectly suited to enjoy the sea in full comfort. Its spacious deck has enough space for 10 or 12 people, making it an ideal option for parties.

Cumberland 44

<p>The <strong>Cumberland 44</strong> is an exceptional boat that combines the advantages of a catamaran and a motorboat. The two hulls provide extra stability, as well as autonomy. The fly bridge is spacious and comfortable. The interior has a comfy saloon with plenty of light. The cabins, located on each hull, are spacious. This is an ideal boat to rent to enjoy a comfortable vacation.</p>

Custom luxury gulet I

This sailing yacht will invite you in a story of unique design tailored to your comfort and your needs. Built with the ultimate technology and the internationally recognized safety standards, it connects you with the tradition of boat building with the most beautiful and durable exclusive materials. It is one of a kind luxury yacht, sailing mainly at the Mediterranean sea and inviting its guests aboard with style and comfort.

Cyclades 39

The Cyclades 39 is a great boat, almost 12 metres longs it offers a lot of space on the deck, partly thanks to its twin steering wheel that makes the cockpit very spacious for a boat of this size. The interior, classic and elegant interior is comfortable and cosy. The lines of the Cyclades 39 make sure that this sailboat has excellent sailing performance.

Cyclades 43.3

The Cyclades 43.3 is a great boat for charter, with a great capacity for its size making it a very economical choice. The Cyclades 43.3 deck is spacious and the interior is comfortable and well laid out.

Cyclades 43.4

The Cyclades 43.4 is a comfortable family boat, ideal for rental. The deck is wide and, thanks to the twin steering wheels, has a spacious and comfortable cockpit. The interior is classic and comfy. When sailing the Cyclades 43.4 is easy to handle making it easy to enjoy a pleasant holiday.

Cyclades 50.4

Due to its size, the Cyclades 50.4 is ideal for large crews. The long deck offers plenty of space for relaxing and sunbathing. The interior is practical and has a nice layout. In the saloon, the numerous hatches provide plenty of light and ventilation. This boat is a wise choice if you want to rent a boat with a large group of friends.

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