Yacht models

Dufour 40 Performance

Dufour 40 Performance is a cruiser that is ready for competition, thanks to the deck’s layout, which

Hanse 445

The first impression that the new Hanse 445 gives, apart from its similarity to other models, is tha

Dufour 325 Grand Large

Dufour 325 is a unique concept of a comfortable and secure cruiser, in which you can stay aboard for

Dufour 335 Grand Large

Dufour 335 was designed for longer journeys, which combines comfort and design due to its size. Its

Dufour 365 Grand Large

The award winning Dufour 365, designed by Umberto Felci and Roseo Patric, stands out for being an el

Dufour 34

Dufour 34 is the easiest boat to sail in the entire market, and in addition it requires the least am

Bavaria 32

This compact model of 32 feet, Bavaria 32, offers the same quality level and the pleasure of sailing

Bavaria 38 Match

The new Bavaria 38 Match is the first Bavaria cruiser that specializes in sailing speed. This step i

Sun Odyssey 42DS

Designed to enjoy the passion of the sea, Sun Odyssey 42DS offers a modern and fluid design, a rare

Sun odyssey 469

The new Sun Odyssey 469, the latest model of the Sun Odyssey, counts with the latest innovations and

Bavaria 47

Bavaria 47 has been carefully developed in order to provide and even better cruising experience. As

Sun odyssey 49i

Sun Odyssey 49i is a sailboat that has very important characteristics for the development of a chart

Dufour 500 Grand Large

The new Dufour 500 marks a new step in the development of the Grand Large range. Its spaces´ unique

Oceanis 50

The Oceanis 50 takes adventage of the prestigious range Bénéteau experience, and offers on a large l

Dufour 500 2013

500/ 4 cabins, built year: 2013. Electric wc, solar panels, microwave oven, aluminium gangway, steer

Oceanis 45 2013

O45/ 4 cabins. Built year: 2013. Electric wc, solar panels, aluminium gangway, furling m. sail, stee

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