Moody 54

  • Sailing Boat - Moody 54
  • The Moody 54 is a very elegant sailboat. Almost 100 years of experience of shipbuilding have been incorporated in the production of this boat, which will make your sailing holidays a unique adventure caused by its high quality material which are used in all parts of the boat. Additionally it comes with excellent technical equipment for navigation, for your needs of both, fun and security. On deck you will find plenty of space for relaxing and lying in the sun. The cockpit is large and has a wonderful folding platform. The interiors are carefully designed with attention to the smallest detail. The cabins, are very spacious and the furniture thoughtfully placed and practical to use. They give the passengers plenty of room and the highest comfort. Moreover, there are large closets with ample storage space for clothes, luggage and personal belongings of the guests. The yacht has an overall length of 17.10 meters and a draft of 2.65 meters. The interiors are well divided. There is a very spacious, stylish lounge, for evening under deck and four cabins that can accommodate up to 8 people. Thus, this boat is the perfect choice for unforgettable holidays with your family or friends, where they can spend a great time on board. A special feature of this model is the "one level living- concept, which will surely impress you. The salon and cockpit are on the same floor and are only separated by a sliding door, if you decide to open the door, you can increase the space according to your needs. These are the reason why the Moody 54 is the perfect boat for a vacation with your family and friends. The boat also features the latest technology for sailing which improve the handling and versatility when navigating and make your whole boating experience more enjoyable. With the Moody 54 you get a very light weighing boat with about 160 square meters of sail, perfect for all weather conditions. Even in the event that the wind doesn’t blow, you can drive the boat. With the 150-horsepower engine and reach an excellent velocity of 8 knot. Security is another feature, which the designers payed attention to: the boat is very stable, has a good balance when sailing and wide aisles to ensure the necessary security of the guests on board. Enjoy an unforgettable sailing experience aboard this fantastic boat. Get excited about the 54 Moody.

    Technical specifications

    Model: Moody 54
    Type: Sailing Boat
    Length: 16.72
    Beam: 4.5
    Draft: 2.28
    Displacement: 20060
    Motorboats: Yanmar
    Horse Power: 125
    Day by day capacity: 12

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