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Motorboats are ideal for those who enjoy hight performance sailing. Their high speed capability is also complemented by their great maneuverability. The motorboats that we offer range from small speedboats to 20 meter yachts. This type of vessels are great for short term charters, they will provide you with a fast and comfortable sailing experience.

Monterey 224 FS

The Monterey 224FS motorboat is the perfect boat for sailors who are looking for a stylish ride without sacrificing any comfort. Its attractive design is complemented by the minute details of the boat that have been carefully built, making the 224FS the best choice for a magnificent day of sailing. The deck areas allow you to enjoy both sun and sea, which can be accessed easily on the platform at the rear of the boat. Furthermore, the aerodynamic windshield will shield the passengers if they want to turn up the speed and feel the wind in their hair. It is an ideal boat for day trips out at sea in the company of friends thanks to its great capacity of 7 people. Its 220cv engine means that the 224FS is an ideal option for sailing along the coast, visiting islands, relaxing on beaches and taking a quick dip in the sea.

Monterey 238 SS

The Monterey 238 SS has one of the largest sundecks compared with its competitors. The 238 Super Sport is undoubtedly the best choice for those sailors who are looking for a fun day out at sea under the warm sun. Additionally, the seating area at the bow of the boat offers even more space for the passengers to sit back and relax on. It’s almost 9 meters in length and has a larger space to enjoy than most other similar models, thus the stability and space available is increased. The 270cv engine turns the 238 SS into a mixture of style and speed, making it ideal also for passengers who want to explore a coast at speed and with power.

Monterey 268 SC

The Monterey 268 SC is a great, smaller sized motor boat that is perfect for enjoying a wonderful day out at sea whilst surrounded by loved ones and friends. Both the maneuverability and handling of the 268 SC are of a very high quality, and add to the already high levels of safety on board. The 268 SC has a practical and functional design too which allows customers to enjoy a comfortable night on board even though there is limited space.

Monterey 268 SSX

The Monterey 268 SSX is a 9 metre long motorboat that is perfect for a group of up to 8 people who are ready for a sailing trip exploring a gorgeous coast. Both of the deck areas are spacious and comfortable, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the sun during the trip. One aspect that sets it apart from other similar motorboats is the ample storage space under the seating areas, which optimizes the space on deck. Its 350hp engine is the key to the Monterey 268 SSX's high speed, plus, it means you can visit large amounts of coastline in just a short day trip! Don’t miss out on a great holiday, rent the 268 SSX now!

Monterey 278 SS

The Monterey 278 SS is arguably the ideal motorboat to rent on your next holiday! Spend a day out at sea whilst relaxing or having fun in a luxurious and comfortable boat. Explore the high seas or find a secluded beach or cove to stop and relax in surrounded by your friends and family. It has a capacity of up to 8 people, a surprising amount for a smaller boat, but its design maximizes space. It has a sporty yet attractive design that everyone will be impressed with. The interiors are spacious and comfortable and also features a fridge plus an iPhone / iPod CD connection with speakers.

Monterey 278 SSX

Fabulosa lancha motora para navegar por las aguas del Mediterráneo. Tiene una capacidad para 7 personas que podrán relajarse disfrutando de una navegación segura y cómoda. Esta lancha es para aquellos amantes de la velocidad que puedan pasarlo en grande mientras se abren camino por las olas.

Monterey 288 SS

The Monterey 288 SS is a fantastic compact motorboat that is characterized by its refined elegance couple with its sportiness. It combines luxury, technology and performance and has deck areas at the bow and rear of the boat. It really is a great option for passengers who want to explore a lot of coast and relax at the same time! It is one of the most elegant motorboats that we have on offer here at aBoatTime.

Monterey 298 SS

Monterey 298 has a range of engines that will allow you to achieve unattainable speeds, which are perfect for water sports such as skiing, parasailing or just to have fun sailing. With its wide open spaces on board and sunshade canopies you can enjoy a relaxing day at sea and always accompany it with an anchorage in the crystal clear water.

Monterey 355 Cruiser

The 355 Cruiser is one of Monterey's most popular models, and it’s not just a mere coincidence. The combination of its modern design, superb layout and fantastic engine are undoubtedly a winning combination. One of the great strengths of this motorboat is the interior space which is divided into a living room and kitchen, both equipped with all the comforts and necessities that you’d want on your trip. There is also a pragmatic and comfortable cabin in the bow, which allows you to rent the 355 Cruiser for a longer time and sleep on board in a secluded cove under the Mediterranean moonlight. On deck, the comfy seating areas are perfect for enjoying a spot of fishing, sunbathing and of course swimming with your friends or family.

MY Korab

The MY Korab is one of your best choices for your next holiday if you want to rent a boat. This motor boat has great capacity, and can carry up to 12 people on board at a time. The spacious deck is perfect for relaxing, sunbathing and spending time with your friends and family. So don’t forget your sun cream and start to work on your bronze tan! The interior of the MY Korab is also of very high quality and was made and designed luxuriously.

Nuova Jolly Prince 23

If you want to spend a day traveling and enjoying the sea Nuova Jolly Prince 23 motor boat is a perfect choice. The power of 300 horsepower will present you fast and comfortable ride. On the ship there is a lot of free space, so it is the best place for taking the sunbathe. Inside of the vessel there is a comfortable cabin.

Ocqueteau Abaco 20

The Ocqueteau Abaco 20 is a splendid little motorboat that has features that make it different from other brands and its competition. The boat is very stable which allows you to spend your time on board in comfort, plus the sailing is unbeatable. This is perhaps one of the most stable motorboats in the Ocqueteau range. Furthermore, its distribution is well-designed for comfort, fishing and sailing. This motorboat provides you with a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some time out at sea and make some amazing memories with friends or family.

Open 470

Open 470 is an ideal variant to get a good rest in the sea and make excursions.

OPEN 550 Elite

Open 550 Elite is a six-meter motor boat. Comfort and functional design distinguish this boat among others. Rent of this boat will allow you to enjoy a relaxing stay at sea and spend your time with your family or friends.

Oryx 46

The Oryx 46 is a motorboat model that provides luxury and comfort with all sorts of facilities. The motorboat has a modern and exclusive design indoor and outdoor, providing all boat spaces with technological equipment and huge and nice cabins. Its outdoor platform is idyllic if you like to enjoy your vacation the most.

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