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Motorboats are ideal for those who enjoy hight performance sailing. Their high speed capability is also complemented by their great maneuverability. The motorboats that we offer range from small speedboats to 20 meter yachts. This type of vessels are great for short term charters, they will provide you with a fast and comfortable sailing experience.

Rinker Cruiser 260

This motorboat is perfect for spending a day in the sea and to enjoy the wonderful bays.

Ris Marine 850 Sport

You will definitely appreciate this motor boat. If you want to enjoy the speed in the sea estimate the power, stability and strength of the vessel. This model is a good example of high-speed motorboat.

Riva Rivale 52

De líneas agresivas y aerodinámicas en el exterior en sus 16 metros de eslora, este yate open de alquiler esconde en su interior un mar de lujos sin igual; maderas nobles, telas preciosas y un largo etcétera de refinamientos dignos de Riva. Como toda la saga Rivale, sin duda alguna es una clara reinterpretación de lo que uno puede esperar de un modelo actual de Riva pero sin perder la esencia e historia del astillero. Esto significa multitud de soluciones innovadores incorporadas, todas ellas para maximizar el espacio y la sensación de libertad en un ambiente único repleto de lujo.

Riviera 40

The Riviera 40 is a classic boat that has a capacity of up to 12 passengers. Its length of 14 meters and beam of almost 5 meters guarantee a very good stability for this type of boat. It has a impressive maneuverability and can be controlled well from the fly bridge. It has a cabin in case you want to spend the night during a long trip.

Rizzardi 50 Top Line

This wonderful and spectacular motorboat was designed by the famous shipyard Rizzardi Shipyards. Its powerful 1360 hp engine gives this boat a distinctive personality that is capable of creating a unique experience, which will change your way of looking at life at sea. The Rizzardi 50 is a luxury motorboat, even if it does not look like it from the outside immediately. This powerful and sporty motorboat is ideal for a group holiday.

Rodman 41

The Rodman 41 will take you in style and comfort wherever you want to go to enjoy your vacation. A large fly bridge, with room in the bow for sun tanning, and a spacious cockpit with a table give you plenty of places to enjoy your time aboard and enjoy the views. The stern platform is great for when you go swimming. Luxurious interiors, with a saloon and a galley, make this one of the best options for your charter.

Rodman Fly 870

A separate double bed cabin at bow makes the 870 Fly Rodman a great boat for sailing. In its 8 meters there is an outrigger at bow, a folding seat at stern, a cockpit with bathing ladder, electric bath... If you just want to enjoy the sea and sailing, the sun and the breeze, this is your boat motor.

Sacs 25 Dream Luxe

The Sacs 25 Dream Luxe is a 7.5 metre long speedboat, from the Italian yacht maker Sacs. Thanks to her powerful engine, she can reach high cruising speeds, which makes for a thoroughly enjoyable day of yacht charter. Enjoy a relaxing yacht charter, with all the necessary modcons, with the Sacs 25 Dream Luxe.

Sacs 780

The Sacs 780 is an innovative and elegant boat, which is also sporty, modern and easy to handle. It impresses all motor boat fans. There are twelve comfortable seats, which can also be converted into a splendid sun roof. This boat stems from a generation that puts emphasis on dynamic lines, combined with sophisticated shapes. It offers a wonderful view while sailing.

SACS S33 X-File

The SACS S33 embodies versatility and adapts itself to the conditions of the sea. It can accommodate up to 12 people, but is difficult to estimate with its large, powerful 400 hp engine. In fact, it has two 200HP engines. In addition, the great stereo system with mobile device connection ensures a lot of fun. There is also a cooler, snorkel gear, an FM radio and teak interior to brighten your holiday.

Sea Ray 220 Sundeck

The Sea Ray is more than a motorboat. It has a day capacity of up to ten people. Its power of 260 hp will keep the boat at cruise speed even when fully loaded. Here you will start to take pleasure in motorboats. Enjoy a unique experience at the sea!

Sea Ray 230 BR

The Sea Ray 230 BR is one of the most versatile motor boats in the market. The dimensions of seven meters in length and almost three meters in width give the boat more stability, so that it is very easy to handle depending on the prevailing weather conditions. It has a very powerful engine of 330 hp, which will delight speed junkies.

Sea Ray 280

The Sea Ray 280 is an ideal motorboat to spend a quiet day at the Mediterranean with family and friends. Thanks to its solar sails, you can protect yourself from the sun on particularly hot days. But it also has a nice sun roof at the bow on which you can relax. On the stern there is also enough room to sunbathe or  bring the day to a close with a glass of wine. It is characterized mainly by its power and enormous mobility in the crystal clear water. The refined and elegant look is remarkable and provides a holiday feeling.

Sea Ray 290 BR

Sea Ray 290 Bow Rider is a nippy but elegant speedboat, perfect for an exciting yacht charter. It is 8.99 metres long and has a large comfortable relaxation zone, with sofas for taking in the sea views. The boat has a maximum speed of 42 yachts, so if you’re looking for something that will let you cruise comfortably at high speed, this is the ideal boat for your yacht charter.

Sea Rib's 760 lux

The Sea Rib's is rather minimalistic, but offers great comfort, stability and reliability. It has a compact design that is highly qualitative and functional. This renders it perfect for sailing on more difficult waters.

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