Oceanis 46

  • Sailing Boat - Oceanis 46
  • If you think about it, spending time with your family or friends a wonderful holiday on the sea sounds like a fantastic idea, aboard the Beneteau Oceanis 46, this holiday would be perfect. This boat is from one of the famous French shipyards, Berret Racopeau, which is especially evident in the construction of the hull and deck, the distinctive design is their signature. The interior was created by the Italian company "Nauta Design". The result: a modern looking interior equipped with all the necessities and extras you’ll ever need to make the experience on board even better. Furthermore, the interior is bright, which emphasizes the size. Unlike similar models, the Oceanis 40 and 43 for example, the Oceanis 46 is two metres longer (13.70 m), which creates a more homely atmosphere and increases the size of the interior. The deck has a simple and practical design, with easy access to swim in the sea at the rear where the cockpit is. The cockpit includes a table with folding chairs and the control console with display. Furthermore, there is a cooler and more sockets. These features allow you to spend a wonderful time on deck, whether relaxing and sunbathing or simply enjoying the ocean view whilst sailing. Light travels through and coats the interior of the Beneteau Oceanis 46 with natural light. There are 24 light sources (windows, hatches) that make everything lighter and more pleasant below deck. The dark, wood panelling in the living area is an attractive contrast to the white cushions of the sofas that surround the large table in the middle of the room. There is also the ergonomically designed kitchen which is modern and attractive. The kitchen is fully outfitted and equipped with three hobs, two sinks, a stove, a microwave and a refrigerator with freezer. The bathroom in the Oceanis 46 is equipped with a sink, toilet and shower on the starboard side. The bow and stern of the boat are reserved for the cabins. In general, the Oceanis 46 is available in two models, with two or three cabins. In both versions of the Oceanis 46, the main cabin is located at the stern. Furnished with double bed, storage space, desk and private bathroom - in this room you can feel at home entirely. The cabins at the bow are also equipped with double beds, have natural and artificial light sources, and a smaller space for stowage. However you wish to spend your sailing holiday, whether it be relaxing, sailing or parting, the Oceanis 46 is arguably the perfect boat for you and will ensure that you stay in luxury during your fabulous sailing holiday.

    Technical specifications

    Model: Oceanis 46
    Type: Sailing Boat
    Length: 13.7
    Beam: 4.3
    Draft: 2.05
    Displacement: 10000
    Motorboats: Yanmar
    Horse Power: 54
    Day by day capacity: 12

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