Oceanis 60

  • Sailing Boat - Oceanis 60
  • The Oceanis 60 is a fantastic sailboat that you could and should rent for your next holiday with family or friends! The Oceanis 60 is 17.75 metres long and is big enough for a day by day capacity of up to 12 people! That’s plenty of family and friends that you can enjoy exploring the coast with! The interiors of the Oceanis 60 are also very comfortable and designed in a modern fashion, you’ll feel like your out sailing in your own home! Moreover, the kitchen and living spaces are fully equipped with everything that you require during your sailing trip, allowing you to sit back, relax and not worry about a thing!

    Technical specifications

    Model: Oceanis 60
    Type: Sailing Boat
    Length: 17.75
    Beam: 4.99
    Draft: 2.2
    Displacement: 22051
    Motorboats: Yanmar
    Horse Power: 140
    Day by day capacity: 12

Destinations where you can hire a Oceanis 60

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Divide the cost of the yacht by the number of passengers, and you'll find in most cases, that it's cheaper than an equivalent week long stay in a hotel.
Drop anchor in a quiet cove, and enjoy wonderful evenings and the tranquility of the cove, allowing you to avoid the typical holiday crowds.
Organise your trip at your own pace, to suit you and your family and friends.
If you don't have a sailing license, don't worry. We'll find you a suitable skipper.


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