Princess V65

  • Motorboat - Princess V65
  • The Princess V65 is a 20.33 meters long, luxurious sports yacht which will make all your dreams of a perfect charter come true. Brought to market in 2000, this famous yacht has been one of the most valuable jewels in the crown of the renowned British shipyard, "Princess Motor Yacht". It has a top speed of 33 knots and is the ideal vessel for relaxing, with its spacious sun lounge, with enough space for four people and outdoor an outdoor sitting and dining area for up to 10 people. Climb aboard the Princess V65 is a privilege available to very few. The reasons are obvious and it only takes a look at the majestic boat: compact, towering over its 20.3 meters in length, it seems that all lines and reliefs of its pearl white hull converge at the end of the V-shaped keel, on which you can stand at the metal railing and enjoy the magnificent few of the ocean. The Princess V65 will excite you with pure elegance. The harmonic design with lovely details everywhere will facilitate a pleasant stay for all passengers, no matter if they spend the time outside or under deck. On the deck you will find a lot of space on both the bow and stern - and lateral counterparts connected by bridges with seats, chairs, a table for up to 10 people and a stern platform with sea access for taking a refreshing bath in the ocean. Inside, the yacht is equipped with a fully featured kitchen, and a spacious saloon, featuring sliding glass doors, large picture windows, a table with space for 10 people and a sunroof. In the interior, the yacht has three fully equipped main cabins, ideal for 6 people and a crew cabin with access from the aft deck, which can also be used as a storage room or an office. The boat also has three bathrooms and a toilet for the skipper or guests. Beautiful elongated windows give natural light which creates a warmer atmosphere in the living area and the gallery. Inside the boat you will find everything you need for spending unforgettable moments with your favorite people, like comfortable seating and a big table for delicious dinners, drinking a glass of wine or watching a movie. Finally, food lovers will be delighted with this ship, as the kitchen is equipped with everything necessary to enjoy a quality dish: dishwasher, refrigerator with freezer, oven, microwave, etc. For all this, and more, choose the Princess V65 to enjoy a unique experience. No matter how you spend the time on board: you will always feel at home.

    Technical specifications

    Model: Princess V65
    Type: Motorboat
    Length: 20.33
    Beam: 5.08
    Draft: 1.3
    Displacement: 33400
    Motorboats: 2xMAN V10 110 CRM
    Horse Power: 1100
    Day by day capacity: 12

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