Quicksilver 605

  • The Quicksilver 605 is a fast and comfortable motorboat, where you can spend a really good time. Since it is up to 7 people, it is ideal for water sports, relax while sunbathing or while fishing.

    Technical specifications

    Model: Quicksilver 605
    Length: 6.05
    Beam: 2.4
    Draft: 0.44
    Displacement: 1045
    Motorboats: Mercury
    Horse Power: 115
    Day by day capacity: 7

Destinations where you can hire a Quicksilver 605

  • Yacht charter in Denia
  • <p><strong>Boat charter in Denia</strong> gives you the opportunity to explore this fantastic coastal city situated on the Mediterranean Costa Blanca in Spain, midway between Alicante and Valencia. With a pleasant annual average temperature of 17ºC and featuring a picturesque coast, Denia is ideal for a holiday. You could choose to take one of our catamarans or yachts, such as the Sessa or the Sunseeker, either crewed or bareboat, however you see fit. We encourage you to visit other towns and cities such as: Altea, Calpe, Benidorm, Valencia, Jávea and Gandía to name just a few of the fantastic places you could sail to! Your minimum stay can be for as long as you want, but there is almost too much to do to set a minimum number of nights to stay on holiday for!</p> <p>So charter a yacht in Denia and discover this ideal way to discover the Costa Blanca, as you can anchor your boat in one of the region’s many small bays and coves, whilst having the peace of mind of being able to sail wherever and whenever you want, the beaches are perfect. Denia is one of mainland Spain’s most important tourist and port cities, and a popular starting point for those sailing to the Balearic Islands. </p> <h2>Ports</h2> <p>Denia’s marina is fully equipped for your outward journey, and has 360 moorings and a temporary mooring area, which allows you to quickly stop off at the port. The marina has all the amenities that you will require as well, leaving you wanting for nothing. Moreover, you can use the reasonably priced ferries which sail regularly and give you the opportunity to relax even more on the sea, rather than having to sail the boat yourself! </p> <h2>Sailing Routes from Denia</h2> <p>Denia is a starting point for many routes to the Balearic Islands; Ibiza is just 50 nautical miles away, Mallorca 110 and Formentera just 60. It is also a great place to sail to nearby cities such as Valencia, Alicante and towards Barcelona and Murcia. </p> <h2>What to do in Denia</h2> <p>Denia is the perfect place to visit and explore its charming narrow streets. The city’s numerous historic conquests have made their mark on the city, with a variety of different civilisations’ architecture in the city centre such as historic walls and castles. Here there are monuments such as the city’s 12th century Moorish towers and its 11th century castle, designed by the Moors and rebuilt in the 19th century under the orders of the Duke of Lerma.</p> <p>When you are in Denia you can’t miss out on the local cuisine and restaurants, they cook some delicious dishes such as arroz a banda, or rice cooked in fish broth and paella. Calle Marqués del Campo is the main nightlife street, with many of the city’s best bars, restaurants and clubs.</p> <p>Boat hire in Denia lets you enjoy the fantastic Mediterranean climate on one of our crewed catamarans or yachts. You can even visit fantastic nearby places such as Jávea, Formentera, Benidorm, Ibiza, Altea, Calpe, Mallorca, Valencia or Alicante. We promise, you won’t be disappointed when you take one of our crewed or bareboat yacht charters in Denia on the Costa del Sol.</p> <h2>What to see in Denia</h2> <p>When you charter a yacht in Denia, enjoy the 20km long coastline which features a variety of unspoilt landscapes. This has made it a popular stopping point for those who opt for yacht charter in the Mediterranean. To the north of the city, there are many long golden beaches, whilst to the south, the coast is rockier, with many small coves which gives another reason to charter a yacht in Denia. Moreover, you should take the time to visit Montgó, a 753m tall mountain which offers fantastic views of Denia, the Mediterranean and the Costa del Sol. </p> <p>One of Denia’s unmissable sights is Calle Terra which runs along the coast from Denia’s port to the Torre del Gerro, one of the city’s landmarks which offers views across the bay and the Cabo de San Antonio. </p> <h2>Beaches and coves</h2> <p>If you charter a crewed or bareboat yacht in Denia you can visit many beaches and coves, the following are some of our favourites. Les Rotes is a small cove, located in an area dominated by large pine trees, with many rocky formations. This beach is just 150 metres long, but it is the perfect place to take a walk in the evening and watch the beautiful sunset over Denia’s bay. </p> <p>Further along from Les Rotes, at the end of La Vía Láctea, you’ll find the Torre del Gerro, a 16th century watchtower which provides amazing views of Denia’s bay. This beach is situated in a 110 hectare nature reserve, featuring breathtaking 150 metre high cliffs. Be sure to visit this part of the city on your yacht charter in Denia! If you’re a fan of snorkelling, this cove is one of the most desirable spots for swimming with the marine life. You do require a permit from Denia’s local authority however; so make sure you obtain this in advance. </p> <p>Some other things to do on your holiday in Denia are sunbathing on its pristine beaches which can be found in the Les Arenes area, to the north of the city. Some of the area’s best beaches are Punta del Raset, Les Marines and Les Bovetes. This area, together with Denia’s port is one of the best places to practice water sports such as wakeboarding, water skiing, windsurfing and kayaking. There are many nautical schools where you can take classes and get everything you need for these. </p>

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  • Yacht charter in Alicante
  • <p>Taking a <strong>boat charter in Alicante</strong> and visiting the Costa Blanca is a great idea for a holiday, with its marvelous beaches and calm waters, it is the perfect place for a yachting holiday and a dream-like charter experience. Charter one of our yachts in Alicante and visit on the perfect starting point for a sailing holiday, owing to the city’s proximity to Mallorca, Ibiza and the other Balearic Islands, fantastic cities such as Dénia and all of the famous Alicante attractions. Alicante boat trips are ideal for sailing year round, thanks to its pleasant climate, warm temperatures, regular winds and little precipitation and is a favourable location to charter in Alicante. Set sail on your yachting adventure with friends and family, and enjoy all the sailing in Alicante has to offer.</p> <p>A yacht charter in Alicante offers you the chance to go sailing and be surrounded by extraordinary and picturesque landscapes that you could put on a postcard. With its pretty landscape and lively nightlife, which has a mix of tourists, locals and students, seeing is believing on your chartered yacht in Alicante! </p> <h2>What to do in Alicante </h2> <p>If you are a keen fisherman, our yachts are perfect for you! Boat rental in Alicante is an idyllic location for fishing, as well as the rest of the eastern coast of Spain. Alicante has a number of important fishing ports where the catch is fresh and delicious. The Mediterranean Sea is cool but much warmer than the Atlantic, making it the ideal for snorkeling, diving and other water sports while sailing in Alicante. </p> <p>Alicante is also famed for both its marine and migratory birds. If you’re a keen birdwatcher, you can enjoy the wide variety of bird species whilst on your yacht charter in Alicante. <p/> <p>Since the Middle Ages, the Port of Alicante has been one of Spain’s most important cities, and an important commercial port in the Mediterranean. Nowadays the city is host to a wide variety of nautical events, including the famous Volvo Ocean Race and many smaller yacht regattas. If you take one of our yachts on a charter holiday in Alicante on one of our motor yachts, you could watch the race during one of our sailing holidays. In spring, the port fills with a multitude of yachts, catamarans and boats, with many people using Alicante as a stop off point to relax on its beaches, before continuing their voyage along the Spanish coast.</p> <p>Alicante is also a city with a rich cultural heritage that should be explored when you charter a yacht in Alicante. Therefore, whilst you are sailing in Alicante you can visit numerous historic monuments that the city has to offer. The Santa Bárbara Castle is a medieval fortification which is still mostly intact, and provides spectacular views over the city. Why not also visit other local cultural staples, such as the 14th century Basilica of Santa Maria, or the city’s Central Market, built in the 20th century? </p> <p>If you want to take a sailing trip from Alicante, don’t miss out on the island of Tabarca, located closely to Alicante's coast, and with spectacular natural landscapes. Here you can watch sea turtles and crabs, look at coral and sea urchins, showing another bonus of taking a yacht charter trip in Alicante. Other islands you could try and visit are the Balearic Islands or other sailing destinations in Spain and along the Mediterranean and the Costa Blanca. Why not Ibiza, Mallorca or the nearby city of Dénia? </p> <h2>Beaches and Coves</h2> <p>Take advantage of Alicante’s boat hire and explore its marvelous beaches, rich culture and pleasant microclimate. You can even choose where you want to sail to on one of our bareboat or skippered yacht charters in Alicante! This makes the vibrant coastal city ideal for sailing and makes the region one of the most popular Mediterranean yacht charter destinations. The eastern coast’s shores are typically long, with fine golden sand which contrasts beautifully with the blue ocean. </p> <h3>La Playa de San Juan</h3> <p>This is a 3km long beach which is often filled with windsurfers, people playing sports or simply sunbathing and ideal for visiting on your sailing charter. It is one of Alicante’s most popular tourist places in Alicante and also features a long promenade, with many shops, restaurants and bars. To avoid the crowds, and to get a good spot on the beach, we recommend going early in the morning, at around 8-9am. </p> <h3>La Playa de la Almadraba</h3> <p>This is a quiet beach, ideal for relaxing and avoiding the tourist crowds of Alicante. Despite being only 750 metres long, there is plenty of space to unwind and there is plenty of room to moor our boats wherever you like. You can see some of Alicante’s most beautiful sunsets here, the perfect combination of the ocean and the Mediterranean sun. </p> <h3>Cabo de la Huerta</h3> <p>This idyllic piece of Spanish ocean is gorgeous and is surrounded by breath-taking rocky cliffs. </p> <h2>Gastronomy</h2> <p>Alicante is very lively, and is a typical Spanish city with many squares, narrow streets and quaint restaurants and bars. You’ll have the chance to try the region’s typical cuisine, including dishes such as paella, rice and freshly caught seafood. Some of the typical dishes that you can try in Alicante are the Tona, a brioche that has unique flavourings including cinnamon, a splash of liquor and sliced lemon. The Tonina is another typical local dish which is essentially a tuna pie; this one is very popular to eat on the streets during one of the public holidays (fiestas). </p> <p>Alicante has everything you need for a pleasant holiday on the famous Costa Blanca of Spain, and what better way to travel than by boat? Book your skippered or bareboat yacht charter in Alicante now and sail to the city and discover its beauty and feel at home on your own chartered yacht. </p>

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