RIB Classic 7.75

  • The Clasic Rib is perfect for navigate from place to place and to enjoy with friends or family.

    Technical specifications

    Model: RIB Classic 7.75
    Length: 7.75
    Beam: 2.5
    Draft: 0.53
    Displacement: 1497
    Motorboats: Volvo Penta
    Horse Power: 300
    Day by day capacity: 12

Destinations where you can hire a RIB Classic 7.75

  • Yacht charter in Malta
  • <p><strong>Rent a boat in Malta</strong>, a fantastic idea for a holiday and the island is one of the Mediterranean’s liveliest places and a great destination for chartering a bareboat or skippered boat on one of our sailing trips. Malta has great towns and cities like Valletta and Mgarr to visit and many beautiful beaches which make for an unforgettable sailing holiday. Malta also has a rich cultural history, with many picturesque villages, Roman ruins and medieval castles which you can visit when you rent a boat in Malta. So take one of our private yachts with or without a crew and enjoy one of our crewed sailing boat charters. If you want to leave your motor yacht or boat and have a more private night away from your crewed boat, Malta has a selection of luxury hotels which have great reviews and usually have a reasonable price.</p> <p>Malta was previously part of the British Empire, but since 1964 has been independent and since 2004 has been a member of the European Union. It is located in the southern part of the Mediterranean, between Italy and the northeastern coast of Africa, and is made up of various islands, although only Malta, Gozo and Comino are inhabited. However, you could ask your crew to sail one of our motor yachts or sail on your own bareboat yacht to explore these other islands which have fantastic reviews because they are much more private and quiet compared to the more popular islands.</p> <h2>Ports</h2> <p>Valletta’s marina, Valletta Waterfront is the archipelago’s most important marina and has all you need for your sailing holiday in Malta. Other nearby marinas include Portomaso, Msida Valletta, Mgarr and Vittoriosa which are perfect for visiting when you charter your yacht on your sailing holiday. Chartering a yacht gives you the opportunity to explore these Maltese marinas and enjoy a pleasant holiday and if you wish to spend time off your yacht when you rent a boat in Malta, stay in one of the luxury Maltese hotels. </p> <h2>What to do in Malta</h2> <p>When you charter a yacht in Malta, you can’t miss out on visiting the other islands of the archipelago, Gozo and Comino. You can also visit other countries, and sail to the Italian island of Sicily, which is just 80km away by boat. Moreover, sail around the islands and visit other towns like Mgarr and Valletta to really experience the Maltese and Mediterranean cultures. </p> <p>Valletta, Malta’s capital is a medieval era city, situated on the eastern half of the island, and is filled with quaint narrow streets which are home to some of Europe’s most treasured examples of architecture, including the 16th century San Elmo fort, or St John’s cathedral, which has some of Caravaggio’s original pieces. You could take one of our charters for a shorter amount of time whilst staying in Valletta, there are some pretty hotels with traditional Maltese and Mediterranean architecture. </p> <h2>What to see in Malta</h2> <p>Many places you can visit on your Maltese yacht charter are archaeologically important. Malta has some of the oldest constructions built by man, including the temple of Hagar Qim, built in the year 3600 BC. Moreover, there is an influence from Greece in terms of architecture inside Malta, because in ancient times, Greece controlled Malta. There are feudal monuments which are linked to the St. John’s Knights, such as the St John’s Cathedral. Visit the National Museum of Archaeology during your yacht charter and be transported back to the dawn of civilisation, or visit the gardens of Barraka and enjoy amazing views of San Elmo Bay. </p> <p>The Dingli Cliffs are another spot you can’t afford to miss out on your sailing holiday in Malta. They stand 250 metres tall, and are located on the western side of the island. These cliffs acted as a natural defense for the island in medieval times. </p> <p>Birgu is Malta’s largest coastal city, and the island’s nautical hub. The city’s modern marina, located just next to the beach blends in with the many historic buildings of the area, including the 16th century Saint Angelo Fort, which is located near the entrance of the ship maker Creek’s premises. </p> <p>Gozo is the archipelago’s second largest island, after the island of Malta, and is connected with the other Maltese islands by the port of Mgarr. There are many small idyllic villages on the island, such as Xlendi and Rabat, and many historic ruins, such as the Azure Window stone arch, which is also a great place for snorkelling. Moreover, there are some beautiful lagoons situated around the islands which are perfect for relaxing in. </p> <p>Ramla Bay, located on Malta’s northern coast, is a beautiful red sand beach. According to Homer’s Odyssey the Calypso Cave, which overlooks Gozo, is the rocky territory where the nymph Calypso captured Odysseus. Comino is a beautiful and unspoilt island, and the ideal place to go diving when you rent a boat in Malta, in its famous Blue Lagoon. Visit Malta’s Mellieha Bay, near the ports of Gnejna and Fomm ir rieh, an ideal starting point for sailing trips, or for simply dropping anchor and enjoying the weather. </p> <h2> Beaches and coves</h2> <h3>Golden Beach</h3> <p>Golden Beach is one of the island’s most popular sandy beaches. It has beautiful golden sand, with views of the northern mountains of Malta. </p> <h3>Gnejna Bay</h3> <p>Gnejna Bay is another sandy beach located very near to Golden Beach, although it is significantly quieter. Here you can spend a day sunbathing without the holiday crowds, and plan your sailing routes for the next day. </p> <h3>Blue Lagoon </h3> <p>Blue Lagoon is located on the island of Comino, one of the archipelago’s seven islands. It is a deep blue colour and surrounded by rocks in the sea, creating a fabulous scene. </p> <h2>Gastronomy</h2> <p>Maltese cuisine is a melting pot of many different cultures, and it can be difficult to find typical Maltese dishes, although they can be found in certain places, such as the famous Barracuda restaurant in St Julian’s. It is based in one of the marina’s typical 18th century buildings, and has attracted many worldwide famous people such as Brad Pitt. </p> <p><strong>Rent boats in Malta</strong> and experience the unspoilt beauty of the isle, as well as Comino and Gozo and even Sicily, whether on one of our yachts or motor boats, for an affordable price. </p>

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