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Sailboats will provide you with the deepest connection to the sea. Using the wind as their main way of propulsion, they are silent and have a great fuel economy. All sailboats have a motor as well, but it is normally only used for docking and mooring maneuvers, or power sailing when there is no wind. These vessels are great for long charters; they will provide you with the highest level of relaxation during your vacation.

Hanse 370

The German yacht maker Hanse has launched the Hanse 370, a 37 foot long vessel which works to bridge the gap between a regatta and cruising craft. The yacht’s interiors feature wooden panelling throughout, with a minimalistic and modern design. This, combined with the yacht’s portholes and large quarter-berth makes for a light and airy feel inside. The craft can reach high speeds, thanks to the innovative hull design. A simple and fun to sail yacht, perfect for spending a few days sailing in the best locations, and for forgetting your problems.

Hanse 385

The new Hanse 385 is a logical evolution that is based on the models 445, 495 and 545, with a 20 % greater size and with an improved sailing performance. The machine platform is free from accessories, where the anchor locker has fenders, and the large cockpit has very comfortable seating. There is plenty of room for a dual wheel with a large segment of the docking platform. The aim of Hanse 385 is not only to create more volume or develop contemporary furniture, but it also involves the smart extension of the living space.

Hanse 400

The Hanse 400 is a sailboat which is notable for its elegance. With its 12 meters long, it is comfortable and perfect for sailing, as it can accommodate up to 8 people with its cabins and saloon. It is easy to handle, so you can enjoy a few relaxing days at sea.

Hanse 415

The Hanse 411 was designed by Judel/Vrolijk, a name meaning quality in the sailing world. It has sleek lines and unifies the elements of a fast and comfortable cruiser. The interior is comfortable and well finished. When sailing it is easy to handle, even with small crews, thanks to its deck layout.

Hanse 430

The Hanse 430e is a superb yacht with elegant lines and well-designed interior and deck. It is comfortable and offers great accommodations compared to other models of its size. Like all Hanse boats, it is fast and easy to sail, making it a good choice for rental.

Hanse 445

The first impression that the new Hanse 445 gives, apart from its similarity to other models, is that of a large ship. Its generous length is exploited to the last millimeter both on the deck and in the hull volume. With its design manages to produce a pleasant, proportionate and modern picture. Its fore and aft, which are positioned at a right angle to the deck, lay out a sturdy foundation in the construction. In the interior of the yacht, the cabins are very well spread giving a great feeling of space where you can enjoy a pleasant cruise.

Hanse 455

This new model of the German brand can easily become a benchmark of German quality worldwide. Sailboat of this Company as always impresses with its luxurious standards. Four cabins of the boat are incredibly spacious and very bright.

Hanse 470

<p>The yacht <strong>Hanse 470</strong> perfectly demonstrates innovative design and has been awarded as yacht of the year in many countries. Three comfortable cabins are included as standard, adding to the comfort already established by the 470’s controlled, versatile maneuverability which allows you to enjoy the ride perfectly. Moreover, the interior is modern and homely with an array of handcrafted features. Rent this yacht for a holiday, enjoy your voyage and relax.</p> <p>With 115 square meters of sail and a 24 meter high mast, it is ideal for all types of sailing holidays, whether sports, leisure or relaxation. It can be an unforgettable experience. The Hanse 470 is a full-featured model that will satisfy all your needs for comfort, sailing pleasure, safety and design.</p> <p>Additionally, the Hanse 470 is equipped with innovative technical features to make your stay more pleasant. When the wind dies down, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the powerful 55kW/75HP engine, so you can carry on sailing. The Hanse 470 is a great choice for your next sailing trip: quick, versatile and even in poor weather conditions it continues to sail reliably and stably.</p> <p>Moreover, it leaves you wanting for nothing inside the yacht. You will be impressed by the unique designs inside and on deck. The room layout and furnishings have been perfectly adapted to the needs of passengers, so that you can feel completely at ease and get the most pleasure out of your holiday.</p> <p>The decor is modern and functional, with three cabins, which allow the most relaxing time and a very comfortable life on board. The living room has plenty of seating, and the cockpit features a sporty design and impressive navigational tools.</p> <p>The kitchen is surprisingly spacious, fully furnished and equipped for you to prepare great meals for yourself and your guests and enjoy a dining experience on the open sea. There is also plenty of room for storage for cooking and food.</p> <p>This magnificent sailing boat has a centre line length of 14 metres and is 4.46 metres wide. With the 3 cabins and two bathrooms the boat can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably.</p> <p>Experience a beautiful sunset on the sea, relax and sunbathe on the deck or indulge in a leisurely meal with friends or family; anything is possible on the Hanse 470, it is the yacht of your dreams.</p>

Hanse 495

<p>Welcome to the luxury sailboat <strong>Hanse 495</strong>. You will definitely remember the magnificent interior of this model. Yacht invites to a journey that you will forever remember whole life. The boat both elegant decoration inside and outside makes the sailing especially individual. Hanse 495 illustrates a german built. The Hanse 495 is one of the best examples of best sailboat.</p> <p>Inside there are accommodate three cabins and the bathroom. This model 495 realises the company’s design brief of creating an elegant functional luxury yacht that should have wide appeal both to couples and families while also being most competitive for club racing.</p>

Hanse 505

<p>The <strong>Hanse 505</strong> is one of our favorite boats and the perfect vessel for your special holiday. Designed to replace the previous Hanse 495 and at the same time, pursuing the wake of the success of his older brother, the Hanse 575, the 505 won again the hearts of all lovers of quality yachting. And in that delight the German shipyard is unbeatable in the production of fantastic boats.</p> <p>This time, the biggest surprises can be found on the deck, where lines have been renovated to emphasize comfort in the cockpit and aft platform and at the same time improve the livability inside due to the large number portholes and hatches, which give aesthetics, natural light and ventilation.</p> <p>Teak tables give the predominant light color on the spacious deck, fully exploitable and protected by stainless steel lifelines. At the stern, the innovative platform is built around a central table with hinged wings. The two steering wheels are the command center of the Hanse 505. Due to the Easy Sailing Concept, the whole navigation of this model can now be handled from the central of the cockpit, with four electric winches, greatly improving the functionality of the sailboat.</p> <p>Despite the remarkable innovations of the cover, the inside of the Hanse 505 has also won over its predecessor. As the Hanse shipyard is known to fulfill all the wishes of its selective customers, the possibilities in terms of layout and decoration for the interior rooms are almost endless, varying the number of cabins to a maximum number of 6 (offering accommodation for 11 passengers), thanks to the large size of the ship ( 15.4 meters long and 4.75 wide).</p> <p>In the middle section of the indoors is a big lounge area the meet with the crew. This large space is dedicated to the living room and the kitchen. The lounge, located on the starboard side, has an L-shaped sofa, a central bank and in the middle of the two, a central table; Also on this side, near the stern is the chart table of the sailboat. Moreover you will be impressed by the generous kitchen, which is equipped as standard with two gas burners, oven, fridge and a lot of practical furniture.</p> <p>Bow and stern are intended for two separate cabins, bow being the main, with personal bathroom and separate shower space and several wardrobes. The rest of the living quarters will vary between stowage spaces, bathrooms or cabins with bunk beds.</p>

Hanse 540

The Hanse 540 was until recently the standard bearer of the German Hanse Yachts shipyard. It is a very elegant sailing boat with a flat and clear deck that provides a lot of space to lie down and relax in the sun. The cockpit is spacious and has a transom that folds and turns into a magnificent swim platform. The interiors, as in other models of the brand, are excellently finished, spacious, and practical.

Hanse 545

Enjoy your yacht charter with the Hanse 545. In common with all of the yachts designed by this German yacht maker, she is characterised by clean and modern lines, with attention to detail a key feature throughout. The vessel is designed with speed in mind, however it is also a great choice for cruising holidays. Her interiors are practical, with simple and elegant lines throughout, and efficient use of all of the craft’s surfaces. The saloon has four large floor-length windows which let in a great deal of natural light and provide panoramic views of landscapes. The galley is designed in an L shape, and is comfortably large enough for two people to work together. The yacht also has a large amount of storage space, and has elegant, clean and practical finishings throughout. The craft’s deck is uncluttered, with a folding transom, which houses the garage for the yacht’s dinghy.

Hanse 575

The prestigious yacht maker Hanse Yachts has designed a large (17m long) but speedy yacht, which is also easy to manage, both for large and small crews, thanks to the “Easy Sailing Concept” system, which allows the vessel’s sails to be moved, rotated and curled all from the cockpit. The yacht stands out for its very spacious deck, which incorporates a self-tacking jib sail and a garage for storage of a dinghy with a hydraulic bathing platform. The hot tub’s table can also be used as a spacious sun deck. The vessel is designed by the well known and acclaimed team Judel / Vrolik, who have paid extremely careful attention to detail to this luxury, modern sailboat’s design. The core theme in the vessel’s design was “Functionality above design”, which shows, as in spite of the yacht’s large size, she has a versatile and durable hull which allows you to easily reach high speeds. The craft’s interior is spacious, reminiscent of a city loft, with avant-garde features such as the U-shaped sofa, making for a large seating area. All these high-end and well designed features make the Hanse 575 an ideal large cruising yacht for even the most demanding customer, with simple and easy to use navigation features, and and a versatile and durable design which is suitable for a variety of different sea and weather conditions.

Harmony 34

The Harmony 34 is an ideal yacht for small crews looking for a manageable and convenient boat with all-around features. It has excellent liveability for its size, making it an ideal boat for charter.

Harmony 38

The Harmony 38 is a perfect cruiser for charter, and a very functional all-around sailing boat. The interiors are well laid out and the cabins are comfortable. When sailing it is fast and easy to handle.

Harmony 42

The Harmony 42 is a sailing boat characterized by its elegance and its comfort. With 12 meters in length and capacity for 6 people thanks to its magnificent and comfortable cabins, what makes this boat ideal for family sailing at sea.

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