Sailboat charter

Sailboats will provide you with the deepest connection to the sea. Using the wind as their main way of propulsion, they are silent and have a great fuel economy. All sailboats have a motor as well, but it is normally only used for docking and mooring maneuvers, or power sailing when there is no wind. These vessels are great for long charters; they will provide you with the highest level of relaxation during your vacation.

Oceanis 311 Clipper

The Bénéteau Oceanis 311 Clipper sailing yacht offers the perfect combination of performance and comfort. Its wide beam continues all the way to the poop deck, making the cockpit very comfortable and spacious. Easy to handle with the wind from any quarter, its shallow draft will allow you to anchor in the best and least accessible beaches of the world.

Oceanis 323 Clipper

Designed by Groupe Finot, the all-new Beneteau 323 is a sophisticated, comfortable cruiser incorporating a voluminous interior filled with abundant light and ventilation. A wonderful, spacious cockpit offers a patented, innovative pivoting steering wheel, allowing easy access from the helm to the companionway. The 323 has a long list of standard options that give this 32-footer incredible value.

Oceanis 331 Clipper

The Oceanis 331 is a sailing boat that surprises with its interior volume. Like the rest of the Oceanis line, this boat is an exemplar of functionality, comfort, and cosy interiors. It has a completely clear bow and the cockpit is large given its size. This boat sails exceptionally, is easy to handle, and offers good performance due to its generous sails.

Oceanis 34

The Oceanis 34 is a modern sailing boat with elegant lines. It is a perfect boat to rent and enjoy with friends or with small crews. Despite its size it offers spacious, very liveable, and welcoming spaces. The saloon has plenty of light and ventilation. The cabins are spacious and very comfortable.

Oceanis 343 Clipper

The Oceanis 343 is an ideal sailing boat to hire with your friends or as a couple. Like any other boat of the Oceanis line it offers a spacious, very liveable, and welcoming design. The saloon has plenty of light and ventilation. The cabins are spacious and very comfortable.

Oceanis 35

At the same time fast and safe, the <strong>Oceanis 35</strong> offers amazing navigation comfort thanks to the rigidity of the sails, which carry them quickly over long distances with an exceptional stability. Awarded the "Best Mid-Size Cruiser" at the 2015 World Awards, the Oceanis 35 is ideal for couples or small groups.

Oceanis 361 Clipper

The Oceanis 361 is a perfect yacht to hire for small groups or families. The interiors are comfortable, spacious and very welcoming. The saloon, with classic lines, has plenty of light and ventilation. The cabins are spacious and very comfortable.

Oceanis 37

The Oceanis 37 is a sleek and attractive sailing boat. As its bigger brothers all the interiors have been designed by Nauta Design and exteriors bythe Group Finot Conq. Its deck offers space to lie out in the sun or enjoy sitting in group comfortable in the spacious cockpit. The interiors are modern and designed to detail. It is a perfect choice for renting a boat for your holidays.

Oceanis 373 Clipper

The Oceanis 373 Clipper is a boat built by the French builder Beneteau. Despite its contained dimensions it has a spacious interior with high ceilings and abundant light and ventilation through the panoramic hatch on the roof and the numerous other hatches, 20 in total. The Oceanis 373 is a sailboat with a spacious and comfortable cockpit, something very important when renting a boat. The skipper’s seat can be moved, providing access to the water for swimming. This sailing boat is easy to manoeuvre and, due to its size, allows you into almost any cove, making it ideal for charter.

Oceanis 38

The Oceanis 38 is a classic and elegant sailing boat, perfect for a calm and nice sailing trip with friends or with your couple. The indoor space of this sailing boat is modern, stylish and is full equipment in order to offer an unforgettable stay and vacation.

Oceanis 393 Clipper

The streamlined underwater profile and balanced sail plan guarantee fast but safe passage with the crew ensconced in deep comfort. The Oceanis 393, like all Beneteau yachts are developed in the tradition of the spirit of the sea, but mainly designed for sailing easier and more accessible for every one. From the drawing boards berret Racoupeau Yacht Design, the Oceanis Clipper 393 is concentrated cruising.

Oceanis 40

The Oceanis 40 has all the ingredients for a perfect charter. Fine interiors and a very comfortable saloon with a full galley will make your stay aboard a great experience. Outside, a well designed deck with a stern platform allow you to enjoy great sailing and, later on, go for a relaxing swim in your favourite cove!

Oceanis 41

The Oceanis 41 is Oceanis 48’s little brother, but it has little cause to envy him. A modern design, with a clean and flat deck designed for ease of handling under sail, will let you enjoy yourself while sailing or anchored. In the stern a convenient folding platform for swimming will allow you to recover from the rigours of your vacation. In the cockpit, the central arch takes care of the main sheet lines and allows for freedom of movement, so you can forget about the boom. Inside, an impressive saloon and a full galley allow you to enjoy life aboard in complete comfort.

Oceanis 41.1

The Oceanis 41.1 is a classy and beautiful sailboat that is 12.5 metres long that has 3 cabins, 2 bathrooms and comfortable, convertible lounge. This sailboat is certainly the perfect choice for group of friends or family who want to enjoy an amazing week on board and out at sea. The sailboat is perfect for sailing along a stunning coast and mooring up on a secluded beach or in a gorgeous cove. The Oceanis 41.1 meets the highest standards of control and safety too. The bath is ideal for families with children thanks to its spaciousness. Finally, the 41.1 has a magnificent deck area where you can relax but also comfortably access the water and go swimming whenever you so choose.

Oceanis 411 Clipper

Oceanis 411 Clipper is a fast and elegant cruiser, which presents the experience and the innovation of the Oceanis 411, increasing its cache with maritime improvements. Among these improvements, the one that stands out the most is the new rudder, which helps in the achievement of greater stability and control, making this boat perfect for racing. This Beneteau has good dimensions that allow family cruises for longer periods of time. This boat is equipped with the new powerful Volvo 55 hp engine, which is very quiet and has a low consumption, thanks to which you can go for miles and miles at a cruising speed close to 8 knots.

Oceanis 423 Clipper

The Oceanis 423 is a charming and comfortable design by Beneteau. With a large cockpit and stern bathing platform, and fine interiors including a spacious saloon and full galley, the 423 continues to be a great choice for an unforgettable holidays.

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