Sailboat charter

Sailboats will provide you with the deepest connection to the sea. Using the wind as their main way of propulsion, they are silent and have a great fuel economy. All sailboats have a motor as well, but it is normally only used for docking and mooring maneuvers, or power sailing when there is no wind. These vessels are great for long charters; they will provide you with the highest level of relaxation during your vacation.

Sibenik 800

The Sibenik 800 is a fantastic compact motor boat that has a capacity for up to five people. There are 2 well designed and pragmatic cabins, as well as a nice bathroom. Moreover, it has all of the necessities that you would expect whilst on a sailing trip. The Sibenik 800 is ideal fishing, sailing and spending some quality time relaxing with family and friends.

Sun Fast 37

The Sun Fast 37, by Jeanneau shipyard and designed by Jacques Fauroux is built for regatta sailing, therefore it offers a great performance without forgetting onboard comfort, thanks to its comfortable and livable cockpit. Its interior is cosy and has a traditional design without looking dark.

Sun Odyssey 29.2

The Sun Odyssey 29.2 is perfect for a weekend getaway, or even for spending a full week enjoying its wonderful sailing characteristics. It has a functional saloon with a galley so you can sleep while anchored and replenish your energies for the next day. A cockpit in the stern will let you fully enjoy your favourite cove.

Sun Odyssey 30i

<p>The <strong>Sun Odyssey 30i</strong> model comes from the company Jeanneau. She is a great choice for a charter, thanks to her excellent control features and ease of use. The motto of this model: comfort and convenience.</p> <p>This boat was created for recreational boating and is perfect for sailing holidays. In the Odyssey 30i you can travel with your family or friends and you will fulfill all your wishes and have a relaxing and eventful holiday at sea.</p> <p>The deck is very spacious and offers plenty of space for relaxing, sunbathing, dining and partying during your time chartering a yacht with aBoatTime. In addition, there are many technical innovations and accessories, which allows the Sun Odyssey to be controlled and sailed conveniently with a relatively easy navigation. The cockpit is designed to increase maneuverability and make avoid obstacles more easily during your journey. When the wind dies down, the boat has a 21-horsepower engine (Yanmar 3YM20), which can drive the boat safely and comfortably without problems. This ship has a length of 9 meters, a width of 3.18 and a draft of 1.75 meters.</p> <p>The interior of the boat has high ceilings, giving you even more room in the already spacious cabins. In the bright and modern rooms, you can enjoy plenty of natural sunlight. There are two cabins and a lounge, which you will allow you to enjoy you stay on the boat even in bad weather. The floor plan is designed so that two people can sleep in the lounge with plenty of room, while two others can sleep in the main, private cabin, which is located under the cockpit of the boat.</p> <p>The kitchen is modern, fully equipped and has any kitchen accessories that you will need for cooking: a stainless steel sink, a stove with two burners and a refrigerator.</p> <p>In short, the Sun Odyssey 30i is perfect for those who want to enter straight into the sailing ships, because it is very clearly laid out and ergonomic boat. Furthermore, due to the comfortable and easy navigation of the Odyssey 30i, you can sit back and relax whilst you enjoy your holiday.</p> <p>Select the Sun Odyssey 30i for your boating holidays if you want to spend a fabulous time with your family or friends on a powerful yacht with attractive design and comfortable living area.</p>

Sun Odyssey 32

<p>The <strong>Sun Odyssey 32</strong>, built by the boat manufacturer Jeanneau, is equipped with the latest features and an excellent accessory, which makes them an excellent choice for your sailing holiday.</p> <p>The hull is constructed of sturdy fibre glass, coated with synthetic polyester resin and structured confidently with a well-developed hull. With nearly 10 meters in length, it impresses with its size, both on deck and in the interior, allowing its passengers to enjoy an extremely comfortable stay. With a large cockpit and plenty of room on deck and in the interior, you and your traveling companions can enjoy the sun, the sea and the wind to the fullest. In addition, the Sun Odyssey 32 has excellent handling and control properties which allows the ride of the boat to be smooth, safe and comfortable.</p> <p>The Sun Odyssey 32 has a very efficient distribution of space as the boat includes enough room for a splendid master cabin with outstanding dimensions (1.50m x 1.90m), a large kitchen with all the necessary cookware and a spacious, luxurious bathroom. The other cabins are very comfortable and well equipped. In the beautifully designed lounge there is enough space to socialise with your friends or your family and enjoy pleasant nights and activities whilst sitting at the big table, such as eating together or taking part in fun games evenings.</p> <p>The Sun Odyssey 32 is ideal for holidaymakers who are looking for both a convenient and a comfortable boat. If you want to relax for a few days or want to enjoy exciting rides on the coast, this boat is perfect. Take up to six people to spend a few days aboard in comfort, because of the modern, functional design and quality of the Odyssey 32. Moreover, this boat has a powerful engine for times when the wind dies down therefore you can reach your destinations and moor yourself in a harbour more easily. The engine is the 45hp, has been perfectly adapted to a ship of this size and this weight.</p> <p>Rent the Sun Odyssey 32 now with your family or friends and experience an unforgettable journey. Feel at home onboard this boat and explore strange places from the comfort of your own boat.</p>

Sun Odyssey 32.2

The Sun Odyssey 32.2 is a classic from the French Jeanneau shipyard. Designed for performance and comfort, it has a spacious kitchen and saloon, with a comfortable cockpit that allows you to enjoy yourself while under sail.

Sun Odyssey 32i

<p>The <strong>Sun Odyssey 32i</strong> is perfect for an escape with the kids or some friends. Designed for comfort, it has a kitchen and a saloon, as well as a spacious cockpit to let you enjoy yourself while under sail.</p>

Sun Odyssey 33i

<p>The <strong>Sun Odyssey 33i</strong> is the perfect choice if you are looking for a boat with an easy handling. The navigation is very user-friendly and intuitive, yet with great power and speed. Sun Odyssey 33i has an attractive designed interior and may surprise you with its multi-functional kitchen, a comfortable lounge and a spacious bathroom. Cabins are equipped with large closets, storage room and hatches with a great view on the sea.</p>

Sun Odyssey 34.2

The 34.2 is a classic from the Sun Odyssey line. Designed to be very comfortable, its kitchen and saloon are spacious, and its comfortable cockpit will allows you to enjoy yourself while under sail.

Sun Odyssey 349

The Sun Odyssey 349 is a 33 foot long sailboat and flagship model from French shipmaker Jeanneau. Her unique hull design ensures reliable performance at sea, and provides greater manoeuvrability when sailing. Her cockpit is equipped with twin steering wheels and large windows, making sailing pleasurable at all times on your voyage. The interior of the Sun Odyssey is designed for both families and friends sharing, and her deck and interior saloon reflect this. The boat features a large bath and light wood panelling, which will help make you feel right at home on your boat charter.

Sun Odyssey 349 2014

349/ 3 cabins. Built year: 2014. Electric wc, solar panels, aluminium gangway, furling m. sail, steering wheel x2, spray-hood, bimini top, wind instruments, chart plotter, cd player, cockpit speakers, 220 v shore supply & battery charger, holding tank, 1 wc, furling genoa, electric fridge, electric windlass, gps, bathing platform & deck shower, warm water, autopilot, cockpit cushions and lazy jacks

Sun Odyssey 35

The Sun Odyssey 35 is a model from the Jeanneau shipyard that’s perfect for holidays with family or friends. Its comfortable interiors and well equipped galley allow you to replenish your energy after a long day in your favourite cove. It even has a platform in the stern with a larg cockpit from which you can go for a swim.

Sun Odyssey 36I

<p>This boat’s high performance hull, designed by Marc Lonbard, with powerful sails, safe deck, spacious cockpit, and large stowage space will seduce you instantly. Inside the <strong>Sun Odyssey 36i</strong>, the spacious saloon and abundance of natural light give the impression of a larger yacht. Additionally the high-quality materials used in the interior design contribute to a soothing ambience under deck. The comfortable design will let you forget worldly troubles and enjoy your charter.</p>

Sun Odyssey 36I/2 CBS 2011

36I/ 2 cabins. Built year: 2011. Electric wc, aluminium gangway, steering wheel, spray-hood, bimini top, wind instruments, chart plotter, cd player, cockpit speakers, 220 v shore supply & battery charger, holding tank, 1 wc, furling genoa, electric fridge, electric windlass, gps, bathing platform & deck shower, warm water, autopilot, cockpit cushions and lazy jacks

Sun Odyssey 37

The Sun Odyssey 37 was designed for cruising by the French Jeanneau shipyard, but its crews enjoy it because of its great seaworthiness. Spacious and well designed interiors, with a large saloon and full kitchen, will let you really enjoy spending time on board. The cockpit is also very spacious, with a small platform in the stern for swimming. When it’s time to raise the sails, the lines are all redirected to the cockpit so the ship is easy to handle, even with a reduced crew.

Sun Odyssey 37.1

The Sun Odyssey 371 is an ideal medium-sized sailboat for rental. Its deck has a nice layout and its interior is well supplied with light. It is an easy yacht to handle in every condition.

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