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Sailboats will provide you with the deepest connection to the sea. Using the wind as their main way of propulsion, they are silent and have a great fuel economy. All sailboats have a motor as well, but it is normally only used for docking and mooring maneuvers, or power sailing when there is no wind. These vessels are great for long charters; they will provide you with the highest level of relaxation during your vacation.

Classic Cruising Sloop

The Classic Cruising Sloop is a fantastic sailboat that is approximately 27.43 metres long and will give you the chance to fall in love with sailing on an amazing trip that will let you forget about all your worries and spend some quality time with your loved ones. This sailboat was built in 1983, however in 2015 was completely reconstructed and upgraded to a very high level of quality. The interior demonstrates its originality and elegance and boasts spacious areas to enjoy and relax in. Moreover, the wide portholes and windows light up the interiors and the cabins are lighted very well with natural light.

Cyclades 39

The Cyclades 39 is a great boat, almost 12 metres longs it offers a lot of space on the deck, partly thanks to its twin steering wheel that makes the cockpit very spacious for a boat of this size. The interior, classic and elegant interior is comfortable and cosy. The lines of the Cyclades 39 make sure that this sailboat has excellent sailing performance.

Cyclades 43.3

The Cyclades 43.3 is a great boat for charter, with a great capacity for its size making it a very economical choice. The Cyclades 43.3 deck is spacious and the interior is comfortable and well laid out.

Cyclades 43.4

The Cyclades 43.4 is a comfortable family boat, ideal for rental. The deck is wide and, thanks to the twin steering wheels, has a spacious and comfortable cockpit. The interior is classic and comfy. When sailing the Cyclades 43.4 is easy to handle making it easy to enjoy a pleasant holiday.

Cyclades 50.4

Due to its size, the Cyclades 50.4 is ideal for large crews. The long deck offers plenty of space for relaxing and sunbathing. The interior is practical and has a nice layout. In the saloon, the numerous hatches provide plenty of light and ventilation. This boat is a wise choice if you want to rent a boat with a large group of friends.

Cyclades 50.5

The Cyclades 50.5 is an excellent yacht for large crews. The deck is spacious, with plenty of room to relax and sunbathe. The cockpit is wide, with two steering wheels. The interior, furnished with classic woods, is very comfortable. The saloon has multiple hatches providing ample light and ventilation. This boat is a wise choice if you want to rent a boat with a large group of friends.

D&D 54

El D&D 54 es un excelente velero para navegar por el Mediterráneo. Cuenta con cinco cabinas y puede acomodar hasta 12 personas. El barco es perfecto para un viaje en familia o con amigos, ya su amplitud lo hace ideal para disfrutar navegando de playa en playa.

Dehler 38

<p><strong>Dehler 38</strong> is a high-performance yacht and is the perfect choice for a family holiday as well as a fast boat for sport sailing. It won several renowned awards as “European Yacht of the Year 2014” and “Boat of the Year 2014” in the United States. It is the only boat model which can call both of this titles its own. This model has a modern design and an unique and high-grade decor. Its interior is spacious and comfortable with 3 double cabins which offers enough room for up to 6 people.</p> <p>From the beginning on, the Dehler 38 stands out for its speed and handling. The hull and the deck bear the signature of Judel Vrolijk a famous designer for sport sailing boats. With a clear symmetry with double helm, port and starboard, aft in the cockpit, the exterior of the sailboat is agile and dynamic, due to the sharp profile of the hull the boat offers stability while sailing. The large cockpit, protected on the sides by two banks has an opposable platform for bath, perfect for fishing, jumping into the water or reading while your feet are touching the water.</p> <p>Moreover, the interior shows the magnificent work of the German shipyard. At first glance the indoors surprise by the efficient use of space. The idea of an open living room is more than successfully implemented. The mahogany finish and curved lines of the ergonomic furniture give it a friendly and elegant appearance. The two comfortable armchairs, one L-shaped sofa and a central table with hinged wings are perfect to adapt the room to the number of crew. The kitchen is equipped with two gas burners, a double sink, an oven and a refrigerator and is integrated into the living room.</p> <p>The Dehler 38 is available with two or three cabins. The bow has been dedicated to the master bedroom which is more spacious and equipped with a comfortable double bed. In the stern are the other cabins and the bathroom, which can be accessed from the gallery leading.</p> <p>The Dehler 38 has not been randomly awarded with many prizes. See for yourself the beauty and athleticism of this vessel. A trip with this outstanding yacht is a must for any sailing fan. Don’t miss this adventure!</p>

Delphia 33

The Delphia 33 was released in 2009. Both the interior and exterior seem to belong to a larger boat. Outside, you can perfectly accommodate six people in the cockpit and you can also easily manoeuvre thanks to its clear deck. The interior offers two spacious double cabins, a spacious convertible saloon, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom.

Dromor Discovery 3000 Plus

Dromor Discovery 3000 Plus is an excellent example of the company's boats Jeanneau. This model is a very spacious and comfortable. The yacht is very easy for operation. Dromor Discovery 3000 Plus is an excellent choice for a safe and memorable trip.

Dufour 30 Classic

The Dufour 30 is a small sailing boat with excellent performance. Despite its size, it offers excellent liveability for 4. It is definitely an excellent choice to enjoy sailing with family, friends, or as a couple.

Dufour 310 Grand Large

The Dufour 310 Grand Large has a classic interior distribution with two double cabins and one unique bathroom with the saloon in the center. The large size of its bathroom is noteworthy. Another interesting feature of the boat is the sliding door to the forward cabin.

Dufour 325 Grand Large

Dufour 325 is a unique concept of a comfortable and secure cruiser, in which you can stay aboard for a long period of time, while enjoying your vacation in the middle of the sea. This cruiser offer a dynamic sailing performance, combined with the Dufour Yacht style, which introduces values of modernity and elegancy. Given its 32ft, the designers have created an attractive interior that offers adequately spacious cabins and a living room, without making it look like chipboard, and with the objective to display all of the areas of the yacht.

Dufour 335 Grand Large

Dufour 335 was designed for longer journeys, which combines comfort and design due to its size. Its open cabin is revolutionary, providing space and comfort that is usually reserved for larger vessels, in which the matching and the gear are redesigned in order to increase the sense of space, security and comfort. This Dufour introduces an aft cabin that is larger than usual, spacious, that has a broader head, and that is very well designed. The 335 Grand Large galley is fully equipped for living with: a big refrigerator, a sink and a double burning oven, along with Corian worktops and smart storage bags. All of these features provide everything you need to live aboard for long periods of time.

Dufour 34

Dufour 34 is the easiest boat to sail in the entire market, and in addition it requires the least amount of crew members. This easiness should not be confused with slowness, since this boat has the ability to increase knots in a short amount of time. This is the reason why this boat is perfect for sailors who want to have a comfortable cruise at the highest speed. Also, we have to admit that the French Dufour shipyards focus on all of the following qualities, in the model 34: speed, good stability and easy use, as well as very well thought of esthetics and an excellent interior comfort for a yacht of this size.

Dufour 34 2004

D34/ 2 cabins. Built year: 2004. Steering wheel, spray-hood, bimini top, wind instruments, chart plotter, cd player, 220 v shore supply & battery charger, 1 wc, furling genoa, electric fridge, electric windlass, gps, bathing platform & deck shower, warm water, autopilot, cockpit cushions and lazy jacks

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