Sailboat charter

Sailboats will provide you with the deepest connection to the sea. Using the wind as their main way of propulsion, they are silent and have a great fuel economy. All sailboats have a motor as well, but it is normally only used for docking and mooring maneuvers, or power sailing when there is no wind. These vessels are great for long charters; they will provide you with the highest level of relaxation during your vacation.

Elan 37

The versatility of the Elan 37 results in a boat which is fast in light winds, but still capable of sailing at close to full speed even in adverse conditions. The cruising family feels more in control and gains confidence in themselves and the boat. Despite being a three-cabin yacht, she has a full-width saloon, generous galley and forward-facing chart table — features unprecedented in this class.

Elan 384 Impression

The Elan 384 is an excellent boat that seems to be bigger than it is. Like its older brothers, the 384 has a modern and elegant line. The exceptionally designed deck is very comfortable when sailing. The interior is also comfortable and cosy. The saloon, with a table in the centre and two sofas, one U-shaped, can comfortably accommodate 6 to 8 people. Large windows provide plenty of light. The Elan 384 provides comfortable sailing in any situation and is an easy boat to handle and enjoy.

Elan 394 Impression

Elan 394 Impression is a wonderful sailboat with a capacity fro 8 people. Its interior layout includes 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms. This yacht will allow you to enjoy your sailing holiday with your family or a group of friends.

Elan 410 Performance

Elan 410 has a high tech design, with a big emphasis on performance. It is fully equipped to offer its crew maximum comfort allowing them to enjoy their stay on board to the fullest. In addition to all of the above, this yacht is easily controlled in any weather conditions.

Elan 431

<p><strong>Elan 431</strong> is a exquisite yacht and ideal for a family holiday. Inside there is a spacious living room, and four double cabins. This model will provide you with maximum comfort and convenience. The ship has a spacious cabin with a central steering wheel. The interior is unique, but it is very practical. Inside in the middle of a living room with a kitchen there are dining table with chairs and a chart table. In stern you will find two cabins with large double beds, while in the bow there are two cabins each with twin beds. The yacht has three bathrooms with shower and sink. Perfect for enjoying the trip. Elan 431 is the ideal choice for large families and their guests.</p>

Elan 434 Impression

The Slovenian shipyard Elan has achieved one of its best designs in the Impression 434, a yacht designed for cruising, yet very comfortable and well finished. Inside, its spacious cabins, full galley, and comfortable saloon allow you to replenish yourselves after a day of sailing or a hard day of sunbathing in your favourite cove. With room to lie down in the bow, the cockpit is perhaps most comfortable place. A swimming platform in the stern provides easy access to the water.

Elan 444 Impression

The Elan 444 is the perfect boat to sail, it's easy to handle and also really fun, big enough to go with some friends or family.

Elan 45 Impression

Designed by the Humphreys Yacht Design team, the new and elegant Elan 450 Performance takes advantage of the redesign that the successful line of Elan Performance cruises has gone through. This series has clean lines and luminous and spacious interiors with a modern design. Its spacious living room is well ventilated thanks to numerous hatches. This area counts with a large U shaped sofa and a foldout table. Its L shaped kitchen will delight even the most demanding chefs, and is equipped with modern storage solutions. In addition to all of these virtues, the most remarkable characteristic of this boat is its performance at sea, it’s a fast and easy to handle sailboat. Its ergonomic cockpit is the evolution of the successful Elan 410. Its design is defined by sailing efficiency and safety for the crew, without forgetting the comfort and design.

Elan 494

The Elan 494 is a comfortable yacht that can accommodate up to 10 people. It's perfect to enjoy a wonderful sailing.

Elan 514 Impression

A wonderful yacht designed by Rob Humphreys, the Elan Impression 514 is the flagship of the Slovenian Elan brand. The deck and cockpit are elegant and spacious. The transom folds and offers a great swimming platform and access to the garage. In the interior we find a semi-deck saloon with a lot of space and great design and finishes. The Elan 514 is great sailing yacht that offers comfort and good performance.

Elan impression 40

A handsome yacht with long, sleek lines, the Elan 40 will appeal both to the sailor who enjoys spending time out on the race course and to the cruising yachtsman looking for a fast and capable vessel. Its large wheel mounted right at the back of the boat reveal that he primary purpose is the enjoyment of sailing in sparkling conditions, but down below she has ample room for relaxation in her central saloon and the choice of two or three double cabins – making her ideal for extended family cruising.

Elan Impression 45

The Elan Impression 45 is a sailboat designed for families wishing to sail in the highest luxury. It is 13.85 metres long and has a functional layout allowing you to make the most of the boat’s space. On deck, the cockpit can be opened up to the outside, and to the bow there is a large sundeck where you can relax and enjoy the fantastic sea views on your sailboat charter. The boat’s interior features a spacious kitchen work surface, a sofa area, a work table and a private bathroom. The Impression 45 has a large amount of storage space, with a light and airy interior, making this the perfect boat for your sailing holidays.

Elan Impression 50

Elan Impression 50 is one of the featured models of the Slovenian shipbuilder and a spectacular sailboat. Designed by Rob Humphreys, this yacht provides an elegant and spacious deck & cockpit. The interior space is equally spacious and is full of rich finishes and an elegant design. This yacht offers exceptional performance under sail and a great comfort to its passengers and crew.

Feeling 44

Feeling 44 is an innovative sailboat by the reason that it has got a high-end elegance. The yacht was especially designed for the whole family that all could enjoy the voyage with a luxury comfort. The length of 13 metres and multifunctional yachts structure has a huge advantage in any situation.

First 285

The First 285 is the perfect boat to enjoy sailing in the coastal area for day charters as well as several days voyages. The pleasure of sailing the boat through the tiller in the wheel makes the great sensitivity that you get from the blade in each heading really enjoyable. Its deck is very comfortable, and the lateral seating area, in teak, a small but very convenient bathing platform and a very safe prow area are its highlights. Its interior area is made with fine oak wood and has a very spacious saloon. A highly advisable option for small groups that start enjoying the experience of sailing.

First 31.7

The First 31.7 is a really fun boat to sail. It’s simple, fast and sensitive, up to some coastal cruising or local regattas. The interior is very well designed with two comfortable double cabins. If you want to rent a boat for a day charter or coastal cruising, this is it!

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