Sailboat charter

Sailboats will provide you with the deepest connection to the sea. Using the wind as their main way of propulsion, they are silent and have a great fuel economy. All sailboats have a motor as well, but it is normally only used for docking and mooring maneuvers, or power sailing when there is no wind. These vessels are great for long charters; they will provide you with the highest level of relaxation during your vacation.

First 35

The First 35 is a boat of about 10 meters, which belongs to the Bénéteau range. Designed for family cruising, it is the perfect boat to get closer to wonderful beaches, as its depth is 1.8 m. This range of boats makes maneuvering appropriate for anyone, both in racing or in excursions.

First 36.7

The First 36.7 is true to the tradition of the line of Beneteau sailing boats: boats with a regatta spirit but also created to enjoy pleasant coastal cruising. Everything is designed so that manoeuvres can be made easily and comfortably. This is a sailing boat that is perfect for fun sailing and comfortable moments with friends or family.

First 40.7

The First 40.7 is a fantastic sailboat for sailing the Mediterranean sea. It belongs to the Bénéteau sailboats range, a regatta boat very pleasing on sailing. It is easy to handle, and with its large cockpit and great interior it allows you to have a great comfortable space.

First 47.7

The First 47.7 is the most modern yacht in its range. Its maneuver is forwarded and allows the crew to move easiest. The interior is spacious, which has a large table in the living room and a great kitchen. The First 47.7 is the perfect boat for family sailing and to enjoying the best holidays.

Gib Sea 334

The Gib Sea 334 makes life on board absolutely comfortable, warm and welcoming. It is a very familiar boat as it is very cozy. In this kind of boats you can spend a few days in paradisiacal islands´ coves.

Gib Sea 37

The Gib Sea 37, manufactured by the French shipyard Dufour, is a boat designed for cruising. Like all Dufour boats it is high-quality, maximizing comfort and safety. The interior is cosy and complete. When sailing, it adapts perfectly to your demands, for relaxed or sporty sailing.

Gib Sea 43

The Gib Sea 43 is a made by the French Dufour Yachts shipyard. It is a sturdy all-around sailing boat that adapts perfectly to any situation, providing a feeling of security, which is especially important if you do not have too much experience. Inside, you will appreciate the height and the feeling of space and light.

Gib Sea 51

<p>The <strong>Gib Sea 51</strong> is the flagship of this line from Dufour Yachts. Its design is based on the same idea as the smaller models, making this an all-around boat, tough and reliable enough to allow for a comfortable holiday. Its deck is almost 16 metres long and offers a lot of space where you can relax and sunbathe, as well as a large and clear cockpit. The interiors, as in the rest of the Gib Sea line, are very carefully designed, with a lot of light and good finishes.</p>

Grand Soleil 39

The sailboat Grand Soleil 40, designed by Botin & Carkeek is a boat halfway between the cruise and the regatta which counts on the signature of elegance and good taste which defines the shipyard Grand Soleil. It is perfect for nautical charter, for sailing lovers as well as beginners since sailing on it is a genuine pleasure and besides it is perfectly equipped to delight everyone aboard. Also its spacious deck may be used as a large solarium to chill out and enjoy the breeze and the sun.

Grand Soleil 40

El velero Grand Soleil 40, diseñado por Botin & Carkeek, es un barco caracterizado por la pureza de líneas y un perfecto compromiso entre el crucero y la regata. Sus características convierten la navegación en un auténtico placer al alcance de todos. Además, su cubierta de proa, limpia y despejada, permite realizar las maniobras sin obstáculos y puede utilizarse como un gran solarium durante los fondeos.

Grand Soleil 43 R

Large sailboat Grand Soleil 43 R was designed by company Botin & Carkeek. The boat may be assessed those who possess elegant and good taste. This sailboat characterizes the dockyard among all Grand Soleil models. The yacht is ideal for charter with it will be able to handle as a professional sailor and those who has never sailed before, because navigation in this sailboat extremely easy and brings a lot of pleasure.

Grand soleil 45

This cruiser-racer sailboat belongs to Cantieri del Pardo. The Grand Soleis 45 has a teak deck with a spectacular helmet line. This sailing boat is a classic with own style. It has comfortable cabins in where you can enjoy long naps, or even outside, where you can find a large bow to enjoy watching the waves of the sea. Its interior is particularly welcoming, very bright and creative.

Grand Soleil 46.3

Model Grand Soleil 46.3 in its size reaches 14 meters. Navigation of the boat is very simple. The yacht has a great maneuverability. The interior is modern and very bright. If you want a powerful boat with a sophisticated and attractive design Grand Soleil 46.3 is what you are looking for water travel.

Hanse 325

<p>The model <strong>Hanse 325</strong> is perfect for your cruise and a great sailing experience due to its easy operability and excellent handling. The sailboat reaches a very high speed while its performance convinces through agility. Furthermore the interior will fulfill all your desires! In the big closets you will find a lot of room for your clothing as well as great storage room in the saloon. The kitchen is well-equipped with gas stoves, an oven, a cool box and a stainless steel sink. The modern design with bright surfaces and curved lines will impress you. This yacht is an excellent choice for spending few days at the sea, visiting the most beautiful places and resting during your vacation.</p>

Hanse 345

Hanse 345 Sailboat with three cabins is perfect for cruising. On board are also established a spacious living room and a kitchen that allows you to stay in travelling for a long time. Due to the wide space and comfortable cockpit this yacht is an excellent choice for spending the weekend.

Hanse 355

<p><strong>Hanse 355</strong> provides three very spacious cabins. Due to the large windows on both sides of the ship the cabin is well ventilated. This model is well known among experienced sailors. The yacht provides a great convenience and high comfort which makes it a perfect transport for sea travel. This model includes many extra options: extra port holes in the cabins, diesel fired central heating, window blinds, bow thrusters, electric windlass, extra CD stereo.</p>

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