Sun Odyssey 32

  • Sailing Boat - Sun Odyssey 32
  • The Sun Odyssey 32, built by the boat manufacturer Jeanneau, is equipped with the latest features and an excellent accessory, which makes them an excellent choice for your sailing holiday. The hull is constructed of sturdy fibre glass, coated with synthetic polyester resin and structured confidently with a well-developed hull. With nearly 10 meters in length, it impresses with its size, both on deck and in the interior, allowing its passengers to enjoy an extremely comfortable stay. With a large cockpit and plenty of room on deck and in the interior, you and your traveling companions can enjoy the sun, the sea and the wind to the fullest. In addition, the Sun Odyssey 32 has excellent handling and control properties which allows the ride of the boat to be smooth, safe and comfortable. The Sun Odyssey 32 has a very efficient distribution of space as the boat includes enough room for a splendid master cabin with outstanding dimensions (1.50m x 1.90m), a large kitchen with all the necessary cookware and a spacious, luxurious bathroom. The other cabins are very comfortable and well equipped. In the beautifully designed lounge there is enough space to socialise with your friends or your family and enjoy pleasant nights and activities whilst sitting at the big table, such as eating together or taking part in fun games evenings. The Sun Odyssey 32 is ideal for holidaymakers who are looking for both a convenient and a comfortable boat. If you want to relax for a few days or want to enjoy exciting rides on the coast, this boat is perfect. Take up to six people to spend a few days aboard in comfort, because of the modern, functional design and quality of the Odyssey 32. Moreover, this boat has a powerful engine for times when the wind dies down therefore you can reach your destinations and moor yourself in a harbour more easily. The engine is the 45hp, has been perfectly adapted to a ship of this size and this weight. Rent the Sun Odyssey 32 now with your family or friends and experience an unforgettable journey. Feel at home onboard this boat and explore strange places from the comfort of your own boat.

    Technical specifications

    Model: Sun Odyssey 32
    Type: Sailing Boat
    Length: 9.6
    Beam: 3.3
    Draft: 1.5
    Displacement: 4540
    Motorboats: Yanmar
    Horse Power: 18
    Day by day capacity: 6

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